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Barricades in Action: A Cal State State of Mind

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To best serve our customers, OTW makes a point to visit as many sites as will have us. Through these site visits, we can receive in-person feedback from our customers and gain insight into how our barricades are performing overall. This helps us make our products the best they can be and allows us to help troubleshoot any issues a customer might be having.

Most recently, we visited California State University in Los Angeles, California, to meet with their athletic department’s Assistant Manager of Facility and Events, Efreim Morti. 

At CSU, better crowd control was a big need.

According to Efreim, the CSU Athletics Department needed better crowd control for their basketball games and gymnasium events, in particular. 

They were hoping to find something that could be used around entrances and as pathways through the halls, leading to spectator seating in the gymnasium. After he came across the OTW website, he and his team thought that OTW Billboard Barricades might be a good fit. They purchased a small number to begin with, and, they’ve been of great use thus far. The university is now looking forward to purchasing more!

Black OTW sports barricades at Cal State University

Entrances, pathways, and dividing areas? 

We were able to see our crowd barricades in action in each of those scenarios and more. On a walkthrough of the campus’ athletics department, Efreim showed us their basketball season setup, as well as a few other entrances they’ve secured with OTW crowd barriers. 

For basketball games, they have a setup of about 2-3 sports barricades outside, and then they place a few in the lobby to help direct fans toward the stadium and their seating area. This helps guide guests through the building and ensures that they make it to the right place with no detours.

He brought up their usefulness during baseball games and expressed the desire to continue using the sporting event barricades during the upcoming baseball and tennis seasons, specifically for “athletes and staff only” entrances. 

“As of right now, we would like to get more, especially with our brand logo on it. We feel like that would definitely be able to help unify [our aesthetic], and be able to help us look more uniform in our presentation during game day.”

Black OTW sports barricades at Cal State University Black OTW sports barricades at Cal State University

THE barricade for indoor and outdoor crowd control. 

Efreim also mentioned using them for soccer games and said that had involved bringing them out into the California sunshine. Thankfully, the Billboard Barricade is the perfect barricade for indoor and outdoor use! No matter the color purchased, each barricade is created from UV-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, which withstands weather of all kinds – including harsh sun, various precipitation, and more! So whether baseball, tennis, or soccer season, the OTW crowd barricade is ready for action out in the California sun.  

“We’re looking to purchase a couple more! It might be more than a couple, maybe 15-20… possibly even 30, for our next upcoming purchase with OTW. Right now our main focus is the branding, and just being able to uniform these [create uniformity and display school spirit] because, right now, they are blank, but still very useful and applicable. Branding them, however, would be able to give it [the sports barricades] that L.A. home feel.”

Sports barricades for the win at schools near you.

Whether a university like Cal State or an elementary, middle, or high school, OTW sports barricades are a great fit for crowd control during big games, weekly practice, and more. 

If your campus requires a solution for crowd control, indoors or out, get in touch with our experts for a quote! For teachers, we offer an educator appreciation discount to show our gratitude for the work educators do every day. 

Now through August 31st, educators can receive up to 15% off of school and university barricades. Don’t miss out on the chance to save.