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The Top Uses for Parking Lot Barriers at School Events

Augusta University Parking Lot Barricades

Schools often host a large number of events that attract outside visitors. Parking lot barriers can be useful a useful addition during these events, helping to facilitate traffic flow and prevent accidents from occurring on school grounds. Some administrators also use parking lot barricades on a day-to-day basis, managing access and more. Here, we’ll list the top uses for parking lot barriers at the elementary, high school, and collegiate level.

Parking Lot Barriers for Elementary Schools

One of the main appeals of barriers in elementary school parking lots is the delineation they provide. Young children can behave in unpredictable ways, even in the most orderly environments. Safety barricades can help teachers by providing one more layer of separation between children and vehicles. Elementary schools can employ parking lot barriers to:

  • Make crosswalks more visible
  • Mark drop-off and pick-up areas
  • Create a sturdy barrier along curbs
  • Display school announcements
  • Manage extra traffic during events like plays or field days
  • Create temporary parking areas on grass or dirt lots

Parking Lot Barriers for High Schools 

Almost three-quarters of high school seniors have a driver’s license, and many commute to school on their own. This means high school parking lots need to accommodate teachers, students, and visitors. Administrators may also use parking lot barricades to set up temporary delineation for buses, visiting teams or fairs being held on campus. Some of the top uses of parking lot barriers for high schools include: 

  • Separating student and faculty parking lots
  • Designating reserved parking spaces
  • Managing traffic for popular extracurricular events like sporting events or pep rallies

Parking lot barriers marking a closed lot

Parking Lot Barriers for Universities

Universities host many events throughout (and sometimes beyond) the school year and most universities manage multiple parking lots for daily use by students and faculty. Barricades can be useful for temporary delineation and limiting access as well as displaying more permanent signage. The University of Washington uses barricades and custom signs in their parking lots and athletic venues. They have designated areas reserved for team buses, limited access to areas under construction, and marked-off areas requiring a permit to park. 

Administrators at the university level can use parking lot barricades in the following ways: 

  • Designating faculty, student, and visitor parking
  • Providing directions
  • Display information and announcements – especially during orientation week
  • Managing traffic for big events like football games or graduation ceremonies.

Parking Lot Barricade Best Practices

Some schools may use parking lot barricades frequently, or even daily. Others may only use them for a few events a year. Regardless, the right barricades can provide great value for administrators and eliminate some of the stress of organizing a big event on campus. The best parking lot barricades are durable, dependable, and above all, create a safer environment. Here are the barricades we recommend most often for use in campus parking lots: 

Our crowd control barricades are often used as parking lot barriers

Billboard Barricade

  • Safe for children and staff
  • Able to display custom signs
  • Durable and stable

Front view of 90 degree connection between two OTW Safety Construction barricades.

24” Low Profile Barricade

  • Respected by motorists
  • Ballast with water
  • Low enough to easily see over

Both are brightly colored, highly visible and can also be used for crowd management. 

How Would You Use OTW Barricades?

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Or if you’re looking for more information on parking lot barricades for school events, read our free resource “The Ultimate Guide to School Barricades” today: