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OTW Safety at the Petzl Di’namik Bouldering Contest

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Every year, outdoor enthusiasts descend on Salt Lake City to sample all the industry’s latest gear. This ocean of puffy jackets, beards, and beanies provides the perfect backdrop for some friendly (and very intense) competition — the Petzl Di’namik Bouldering Championship. This year’s competition, featuring some of the best climbers in the world, proved to be the best yet. As an organization that maintains close ties with the outdoor recreation industry, OTW was thrilled to get in on the act.

We were excited to provide crowd control barriers and custom printed signs for the event. Our Billboard Barricades are made with High Density Polyethylene to provide attractive, brightly colored barriers that come in a variety of colors. As the name implies, the Billboard Barricade can be used for on-site advertising as well as crowd control. The barriers interlock to form a continuous wall where necessary and can even be bolted together if necessary. Our barriers also don’t require any special pads to protect flooring, which made them perfect for the indoor bouldering contest.