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X Marks the Spot – the Lighted X Marker, that is!

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Our expertise spans decades, helping us curate, manufacture and sell the perfect airport products.

Not many understand the safety aspect of the aviation industry quite like OTW Safety – almost three decades of making safety our business has given us insight like no other into the intricacies and demands of the product types acceptable for use on the airfield. This expertise has allowed us to curate, manufacture & sell incomparable safety barricades like the 10” Low-Profile Airport Barricade and, now, the Lighted X Marker.

Meet the Lighted X Runway Closure Marker!

First in its class, the Lighted X Marker is a masterpiece of ingenuity in features, benefits, and operation. A beacon on the airfield, day or night, our X runway marker is certified for use at FAA-regulated airports, is incredibly easy to use, and has outstanding design and construction.

Its compact trailer housing is DOT compliant and holds a mast and four independent LED-lighted arms; these arms form a highly visible X when deployed – distinguishable from other lights on the airfield – making it the perfect indicator that a runway or taxiway is closed. Setup is a snap, and the diesel-fueled engine and backup battery will keep the power on for close to 200 hours between fuelings.

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What makes our Lighted X Marker so X-ceptional, you might ask?

Here are just a few of the reasons it stands out above the rest:

  • It’s incredibly easy to transport, thanks to a few things: a compact trailer housing, flat-lying mast storage, inward-swiveling arms, and supports brackets and lock-pins to hold it all in place. Don’t forget about the torsion axle – a smooth ride is guaranteed.
  • Setup is simple and straightforward – one person can fully deploy the X in less than five minutes!
  • Its batteries are powered by an ultra-quiet diesel engine, boasting well over 140 hours of continuous use on one tank of fuel, and, if engine fuel runs dry or shore power fails, the battery alone can deliver up to 24 hours of use before a refuel is necessary. Not only that, but its daily fuel consumption is the lowest in the field – just 4.3 gallons per day!
  • Thanks to the 50,000 hour (that’s ten years of working time!) LED lifespan, the Lighted X boasts reduced bulb maintenance  –changing light bulbs will be a thing of the past. Not to mention, those bright, flashing, high-efficiency LED lights are visible for miles – ensuring pilots can see that a runway is closed, even in inclement weather!
  • It’s FAA certified, specifically in regard to tarmac lighting, and exceeds specifications on wind resistance (it’s been tested for 95 mph!)
  • The trailer, mast, and equipment housing are all comprised of aluminum and steel. The equipment bay is fully enclosed, thus assuring its imperviousness to the elements and unauthorized access (thanks to the lockable handles). An easy-access panel ensures that upkeep for the engine, generator, and electrical systems are effortlessly achieved.
  • With the option for added integrated fluid containment, spills and damage to runways are prevented; thus, the potential to save thousands on repairs and environmental cleanup is high.

The perks don’t end there – view the full list of specs here, or email us with any questions!

Don’t sleep on the Lighted X Marker!

Competitive pricing, incredible design, and some of the best features in the field make our Lighted X Marker the perfect choice for any airfield. A commitment to sustainability for each and every product we produce only adds to the value.

We aren’t kidding when we say that it “marks the spot”!

Call (801) 363-7740 or submit a request online and we’ll get back to you with your personalized quote – including estimated freight charges – within one business day!