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What fence panels can you install at a construction site?

What fence panels can you install at a construction site

We receive many questions about our Barricade Fence Panel:

“What are they for?”, “How do they attach to barricades?”, “How are they compared to a regular fence?”, and more!

These handmade steel fence panels are one of our most-used accessories, securely and easily attaching to either our 42” jersey-shape barricade or our 42” LCD. They are most commonly used when a work zone borders a pedestrian walkway or traffic. Fencing in sites ensures that hazardous areas are contained and unauthorized individuals stay out (and out of harm’s way).

As OSHA almost always requires fencing for both residential and commercial sites, many construction companies use stand-alone fence panels to line the perimeters of their work zones. While these panels are often recommended and work for their intended purpose, they can be flimsy due to their size and/or height and easily knocked over if not secured. A really windy day or big storm might mean the entire fence goes down! Out of the options available, our barricade fence panels are our number one choice for adding security and privacy to any site!

Security and privacy are key.

Clocking in at 5’, 2.5” on their own, the barricade fence panel combined with a 42” barricade will give you over eight and a half feet of secure fencing for your construction sites. The galvanized steel pipe that makes up the frame of the fence panels is strong and ready to withstand weather and more, especially because they are paired with sturdy barricades. The fence panels install easily with the included mounting posts, making creating a perimeter barrier a breeze. If authorized visitors and vehicles need entrance to the site, just add a vehicle and pedestrian gate adaptor to easily provide access while still protecting your site.

When ensuring that a construction site is protected, it’s essential to consider your security needs. Fencing means security, but our optional mesh privacy panels give added protection from curious eyes, unauthorized entry, and potential thieves. Many work zones have various equipment that needs to be secured at night, so fencing that provides theft prevention is key. Progress is made nearly every day at work sites, so guarding that progress goes a long way toward staying on track (and staying within budget).
A wideview of an airport construction site with orange OTW LCD barricades, fence panels, and privacy mesh

Contain the site, contain FOD.

In addition to preserving security and privacy (aka keeping unwanted eyes and persons out), fencing also keeps any object debris in. This is especially important when a construction site is adjacent to an active traffic roadway or runway at an airport. Any debris that has the potential to escape means possible damage to cars, airplanes, etc, injuries, and littering of a community. This is preventable with fencing, and one big reason it is required at most construction sites.

OSHA regulations for construction sites

OSHA has strict requirements for construction sites in general, and fencing is no exception. While options for fences at construction sites vary based on the project and can technically be made out of a wide variety of materials, they are almost always made out of chain link or iron, as these materials are stronger options.

Residential sites are able to use fences that are at least four feet high, but industrial and commercial work zones are required by OSHA to have perimeter fencing that is at least six feet tall. Local ordinances are also something to consider when installing fencing around your construction sites, as requirements can vary from state to state.

A line of orange OTW LCD barricades and fence panels with privacy mesh fade into the distance

Ready to fence? 

The OTW team is ready to answer any questions you may have about our barricade fence panels and help you find the perfect combination of barricades and fencing to appropriately protect your construction sites.

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