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Welcome to the World Equestrian Center!

Welcome to the World Equestrian Center

Equestrian facility barricades at WEC

OTW has been proud to partner to the World Equestrian Center (WEC) in Wilmington, OH, since early 2022. This year, we expanded our partnership and added new equestrian center barricades to our sponsorship of the organization – our dedication to safety made it an easy choice!

We got a glimpse into the exceptional equestrian facilities on this property and how the WEC has used our barricades for years, in both their indoor and outdoor arenas.

The indoor riding arena is perfect for year-round training and has state-of-the-art footing, while the large outdoor arena boasts jumps and obstacles for the warmer months.

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Find OTW barricades at the WEC.

OTW equestrian facility barricades are found year-round in both! As our barricades are well-respected by horses (meaning that they don’t attempt to jump over them), they can be used in the places horses frequent, as well as to direct guests. Within their indoor rings, barriers are used to change the size of spaces (as small or large as needed depending on the size of the event or number of riders) used for specific showings or events. This flexibility is crucial to smooth operations – event setup needs to be simple, easily maneuverable, and ready to be changed or adapted quickly between events or throughout the week if necessary. OTW barricades provide this flexibility in spades.

In addition to this adaptability, using our plastic equestrian barricades allows for easily visible, sleek marketing space. Sponsorship agreements can line the arena, whether for specific events, specific rings, or specific times of the year.

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Equestrian barricades ‘round the ring… and more!

Not only does the WEC use the equestrian barricades as arena dividers and easy marketing, but they have found many other uses for them as well.

They’ve created waiting areas for the horses and riders to wait their turn during events indoors, as well as use the barricades to separate spectators from the ring area.

Outdoors, you’ll find the dedicated pathways for horses and handlers only (this allows horses to walk in two directions safely) and for people only, as well as clear pathways from the stables to the riding area. As horses can spook easily, it’s also important to create clear areas for cars away from the horses, and OTW equestrian center barricades allow for just that. This means there are dedicated parking areas for spectators or regular vehicles, as well as separate parking areas for horse trailers and/or campers.

Lastly, as there is footing in the indoor arena, it’s important to delineate a heavy machine area for the equipment necessary for upkeep. This helps alert people to the potential hazard and warns them to stay aware and stay away from places they should not be.

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OTW Safety CRO, Marina Pastrana (right), with the winner and winner’s coach of the Spring 1

Proud partners in sport and safety.

We’ve said it before, but we are honored to partner with the World Equestrian Center as they continue to offer great sport in their excellent, family-friendly venues. Their organization is a pleasure to work with and their beautiful, top-notch facilities are perfect for any horse enthusiast looking to train or board. We are thrilled that we can help make equestrian sport and spectating safer for all!