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Alternatives to Steel Barricades at Events

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Barriers, barricades, and temporary fences are all crucial to organizations looking to hold large-scale events. Whether you’re planning an outdoor concert or a local college basketball game, it’s important to utilize crowd-control strategies to ensure the safety of everyone at the event. In the past, many organizations used steel barricades at large events, but these models can present a number of issues. Metal barricades rust, they can develop sharp and jagged edges, they’re easily knocked over, and they don’t provide much value for their cost. So instead, we’ll focus on several plastic alternatives to steel barricades that event organizers can use in great, effective ways. 

Indoor Events

Indoor events typically require barricades that are portable, easy to see, and brand oriented. For instance, organizers putting on an event like a trade show may need barriers that keep booths and private areas separate. These barricades should ideally be lightweight enough to move at a moment’s notice, but not so flimsy as to fall over at the lightest touch. 

What’s more, indoor athletic events often call for barriers that won’t damage interior floors (like hardwood courts), but that also have the space and capacity for customization. Schools that put on indoor athletic competitions can also use barriers to sell advertising space to local sponsors or can customize barriers to promote their own brand/logo. 

OTW Safety’s CC42x96 Plastic Pedestrian Barricade checks all of those boxes and more. Indoor events that have used the CC42x96 include:

  • Trade shows.
  • Conferences.
  • Wrestling.
  • Concerts.
  • Basketball.
  • Jiu-jitsu.

Outdoor Events

The CC42x96 Plastic Pedestrian Barricade is also a viable alternative to steel barriers at outdoor events as well. That’s because this plastic barrier is capable of withstanding poor weather conditions, like wind, snow, and rain. Our plastic barriers are made from polyethylene, which is a very durable form of plastic. Plus, plastic barriers like the CC42x96 can be ballasted with water to significantly add to their weight and stability. 

As with indoor events, plastic barriers at outdoor events can also be customized to include messages and branding. OTW makes it easy by offering customized graphics printed on corrugated PVC sign board that attach directly to our plastic billboard barricades. This provides an opportunity for you to display event directions, important event messages, or information about event sponsors to your attendees. 

OTW’s billboard barricades come in a variety of colors, too. In fact, we can create your barriers to match any pantone color. It’s a great opportunity for showing off your brand and making your event look properly coordinated. 

Last, but certainly not least, plastic barriers are also a safer option for outdoor events than steel barricades because plastic barriers won’t be knocked over easily, nor will they rust or form sharp edges over time. 

Outdoor events that have used plastic barriers include: 

  • Festivals.
  • Farmer’s markets.
  • Homecomings. 
  • Sporting events (football, baseball, soccer etc.)
  • Graduations. 

Specialty Situations

As we’ve established, the CC42x96 Plastic Pedestrian Barricade is incredibly versatile, but it’s not the only barrier an event organizer may require. Event organizers who need to set up temporary parking spaces may benefit from purchasing larger barriers designed for construction or traffic –– like a plastic jersey barrier or an LCD. Additionally, some events may need LCDs for other purposes. For example, go-karts facilities and action sport events like mountain-bike races may need LCDs to provide an extra layer of safety and separation around the track for all parties involved. The bottom line here is that whatever type of barrier you need for your event there’s a plastic model that could suit your situation perfectly. 

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Plastic barriers are more versatile, more durable, and represent a greater investment value than steel barricades. At OTW, we specialize in manufacturing, customizing, and selling the highest quality plastic barriers on the market. We’ve worked with businesses in a wide range of fields, and we can help improve the safety and organization of your next big event. Contact us here to learn more!