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How Organizations Can Prepare to Reopen During & After COVID-19

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At OTW Safety, protecting the well-being of our partners and their patrons has always been our number one concern. Keeping people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is a much different challenge than what any of us are accustomed to, and requires small businesses and public organizations alike to adopt new measures to ensure current safety best practices are upheld. 
We understand the many challenges your organization is facing right now, and in this difficult moment we’d like to share a few useful tips that may help your organization reopen safely and successfully. Here are a few key ways our products may assist you:

Social Distancing

According to CDC guidelines, individuals should remain at least six feet apart from each other whenever possible. A great way for organizations to help accomplish this is to utilize open space and well-placed signage to keep people from crowding together. Barricades with signs and instructions can be arranged to help individuals form orderly (socially distanced) lines, keep their distance from other parties in the area (like in a public park), and avoid wandering into restricted zones.  

Crowd Control

Some businesses can’t help but draw a crowd, even during COVID-19. Grocery stores and pharmacies, for example, may benefit from using barriers to cut down on customer interaction in the store. An easy way to do this is to set up crowd control barricades to control the flow of traffic and ensure customers only move in one direction. Similarly, having barriers in place will discourage individuals from gathering in areas where they may need to access employees. Organizations like DMVs and post offices can also use crowd control barriers for the same purposes. 

Designating Specialized Areas

Along with crowd control, businesses can set up barriers to help separate their staff members from the general public. These same portable plastic barriers can also be utilized to designate special areas for customers, such as setting aside or creating outdoor seating sections for restaurants or enclosing outdoor patios. Having these barriers in place may allow a bar or restaurant to accommodate a slightly larger group of people for a reservation while still maintaining safety measures.

Unique Benefits of Plastic Barriers

Businesses may need to employ barriers to enforce social distancing measures and protect their staff and customers for some time into the future. Fortunately, plastic barriers are uniquely suited to a wide variety of situations because they are extremely versatile. 
Most of our plastic barriers can be moved around and rearranged with relative ease. They can also be set up both indoors and outdoors. They’re tough enough to withstand wind, rain, and constant sunlight, but built not to scratch floors inside. Our plastic barriers are also designed with safety in mind. They don’t develop sharp edges like metal barriers, which makes them much better choices for areas where children may be around. 
What’s more, our barriers are fully customizable, so businesses can match branding or stand out by choosing to order different colored barriers. Custom signage is also available, so businesses can utilize ad space, or post special instructions for their customers.

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As always, our commitment to protecting your safety and the safety of your customers remains unchanged. As businesses start to reopen, we’ve worked with small businesses who just need a few barricades and large spaces that need more intricate crowd control. Whether your organization needs one barricade or thousands of barricades, we’re ready to support you in any way we can. For more information about our products –– or to place an order today –– you can contact us here. No matter where you’re located, Arizona to Maine or Washington to Florida, we can help. Until then, stay safe and be well!