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How to Plan a Golf Tournament Fundraiser

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Golf tournaments are one of the most popular ways for organizations to fundraise. Although a golf tournament fundraiser is generally a relaxing way for donors and their families to spend a weekend afternoon having fun while helping a worthy cause, the planning and execution of these events are typically anything but relaxing. Planning a golf tournament can be a lot of work. If your organization is planning to fundraise for any tournament-style event (it doesn’t have to be golf-related), here are a few tips for getting started.

Step 1: Determine Your Budget and Fundraising Goals.

The first step to planning a Golf Tournament Fundraiser is to determine your budget and fundraising goals. Set achievable goals for your organization, similar to fundraising goals you have met in the past. Try to set specific goals, such as a certain amount of money; this will help keep your fundraising team accountable and will inform the rest of the decisions you make throughout the planning process. 

Step 2: Choose a Location

Once you have settled on a budget, choose a golf course or a location that is appealing, centrally located, and affordable. You should try to keep participation fees attainable for all potential participants. Most golf courses and event spaces are used to being asked to host large events such as fundraising tournaments, but some might be better than others – consider the size of the course you will need based on your budget and expected number of participants, as well as any amenities or additional space, such as an indoor location to host a banquet or activities in the event of inclement weather.

Step 3: Determine Your Sponsorship Advertising Method

Once you have chosen a location, it’s time to determine your sponsorship advertising method. We recommend installing Coroplast Custom Signage to both sides of Crowd Control Barricades. This method allows you to provide mobile and secure crowd control, direction, and colorful sponsor logos and ads simultaneously. Coroplast is waterproof and reasonably. If stored properly, you can use your signage for future sporting events and fundraisers. If you plan to use your signage on a yearly basis, you may want to consider Sintra as it is more durable.

Before you start seeking out sponsors, it is important to determine what you can offer in return for their support. Do you have donation tiers with varying benefits? Are you including event tickets for all donors or do they still need to purchase their individual tickets? Will you pitch ‘hole’ sponsorships, naming sponsorships, or sponsorship logo branded t-shirts? Before approaching sponsors for support, this needs to be clear. 

Step 4: Search for Sponsors

Start within your community. Do your friends’ parents work for or run businesses that would like to sponsor the event? Have you checked with local sports programs, banks, or alumni? What about donors from previous years? The options are endless.

Step 5: Find Participants

Now that you have sponsors, you need tournament participants. You may want to consider an online signup form where people can buy tickets or make one-off donations. It’s always fun to add a goal meter to your social media page or website that allows supporters to stay updated on your fundraising progress.

Step 6: Keep in Touch

One of the best ways to promote your golf tournament fundraiser to sponsors, participants, and interested community members is by sharing frequent updates about the event on your organization’s social media accounts. Be sure to share a new post on social media every time you get a new sponsor or a donation, thanking the supporters  – this helps keep the momentum going!

In the weeks leading up to your golf tournament, regularly check in with your sponsors and participants. Send out a reminder email including a schedule and list of prizes a few days before the event as a reminder to get your sup


porters excited! 

Pro-tip: Create an online Goal Meter to publicly track your progress! If you can make it shareable, that’s even better (example image). 

Don’t forget to check in with your event volunteers! Let them know their tournament schedule and meal plan well in advance. They are integral to your event’s success, so make sure that they are feeling prepared and appreciated.

Golf tournaments are one of the most successful fundraisers for organizations of all sizes, and following these steps should help you get started in planning your next one. This guide is also widely applicable to other tournament-style fundraisers!

OTW Safety would love to help you build your next tournament fundraiser. Contact us today to set up your next fundraiser, complete with event planning consulting and services, Billboard Barricades, and Custom Signage.

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