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How Are OTW Safety Barricades & Equipment Tested for Extreme Conditions?

OTW testing airport barricades scaled

At OTW Safety, our mission is to manufacture and deliver high-quality safety products that can withstand even the harshest conditions. We have years of experience creating durable and dependable barriers and barricades for a wide variety of uses. We go to great lengths to ensure that every product we produce meets or even exceeds the highest safety standards in the field. As many of our customers are required to purchase certified products, we strive to give them peace of mind knowing that they’re getting the best.

Here are some of the tests we run with our products to provide meaningful solutions for our clients:

Weather Testing

One of the great advantages plastic barriers hold over concrete or metal alternatives is their versatility. Professionals can use our plastic barriers indoors, outdoors, and in all kinds of weather conditions without worrying about their durability. That’s because we make sure to test our products in the field before we make them available for sale. Our products are designed to hold up to wind, rain, sleet, snow, heat, and intense cold. We’ve even deployed some barriers in northern Alaska!

Crash Testing

In addition to our general-use barriers, we also specialize in creating barriers for use in high-traffic and high-speed areas along roadsides. Research suggests that water-filled barriers make crashes less severe when compared to concrete barriers used in construction zones, and construction companies can be at ease knowing that OTW plastic barricades undergo rigorous crash testing to ensure their quality. In fact, our 42-inch jersey-shaped LCD is the only plastic barrier of that size with a Mash TL-3 designation.

Airport Testing

As one might imagine, barriers and safety equipment used at airports need to be extremely durable and reliable. To guarantee that our barriers are ready for use in extreme conditions, our low-profile barriers have undergone jet-blast testing to meet FAA regulations. Tested in wind tunnels, our low-profile barriers are strong enough to withstand steady winds up to 70 mph!

Security Testing

Our security barriers are some of the most formidable products on the market. Just in sheer weight, these barriers can weigh over 2,800 pounds when fully ballasted. Our specialized safety barriers are even capable of taking gunfire. Ballistics testing found them to possess excellent blast mitigation and energy distribution while significantly lowering the shrapnel and projectile risk associated with concrete barricades.

Tried and True

At OTW Safety, we create barriers and safety equipment for a number of niches and industries. That’s why we work so hard to test our products in different ways and in extreme situations. We even subject all of our safety equipment, such as our new hazard lights, to environmental testing as well. All of our products come with a guaranteed, 1-year warranty, and we’ll replace any products that display any defects.

100% Made in the USA

Unlike other businesses in our field, we don’t just sell high-quality plastic products –– we manufacture them ourselves. When you partner with OTW, you can rest assured that our barriers were made from a sustainable process right here in the USA. We take pride in our work, and we’re sure that you’ll appreciate the difference in quality and durability. Contact us here to place an order today.