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Building Better Events with Billboard Barricades

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Can crowd control barricades make or break an event? If you can’t answer that question, then you’ll want to take a look at the before and after pictures below (keep on scrolling).

The Billboard Barricade has long been the barricade of choice for a number of sporting events across the USA. From Bouldering and Rock Climbing World Cups to extreme obstacle races and marathons. Their high impact resistance, UV inhibitors and customizability are just a few contributing factors.

When Metcon Rush reached out about a sponsored event, we were excited! We had yet to sponsor a Crossfit event and wanted to put our crowd control barricades to the test.

What’s Metcon Rush?

Metcon Rush, created by Crossfit gym owner Tim Kellinger, began in 2016 as sporting tournament fundraiser. In its first year, the event occurred on a football field. While it was a success, they moved indoors to a gym the following year. Being in a gym allowed for closer proximity between spectators and athletes. Tim noted that the audience in this environment was more energetic as they weren’t watching from distant stands.

As the event grew throughout the years, it became more focused on Crossfit. What began as a local Maryland sporting event, now draws athletes from all over North America. With growth, it became evident that crowd control was necessary to keep both athletes and spectators safe.

After trying ropes, steel barricades and ill-fitting banners, Tim gave us a call. We jumped at the opportunity to sponsor such a great event!

Crowd Control for a Successful Event

Black Billboard Barricades were interlocked to create a custom event perimeter for the Metcon Rush. Due to the intense nature of Crossfit events, it’s necessary to protect spectators from potential injury that can occur from coming into contact with weights, heavy ropes or fast-moving athletes. Equally, it’s important to keep the gym floor clear of anyone who does not belong there for the sake of the athletes’ safety.

The crowd control barricades were decked out with Custom Signage, displaying sponsor logos. Thus the logos were visible in photos and videos taken of athletes and events which occurred within the crowd control barricades. Months after the Metcon Rush, content is still being shared by event photographers and athletes, allowing event sponsors to continue receiving recognition post-event.

Just Ask Tim

In previous years, Tim had to drive hours to pick up rental galvanized steel barricades. Banners displaying sponsor logos were connected to the barricades with zip ties, but they never fit perfectly and needed adjusting regularly. After a few years, he decided steel crowd control wasn’t worth the time or money.

So they tried ropes. Pure chaos. Spectators easily could duck below them, unhook them and knock poles over.

What product could provide on-brand crowd control AND event marketing? Billboard Barricades.

In Tim’s words, the difference was “night and day”. No more scratching up hard wood floors with heavy steel barricades. The lightweight alternative was quick to set up and sturdy once set in place. They chose not to ballast the barricades with water, yet spectators could still lean on them with their full weight.

“My six month pregnant wife was able to help break down and put them in storage! They aren’t awkward to move across the floor. And it’s perfect how they sit on top each other. Stacking them up is amazing.”

Throughout the event, he received feedback that the gym floor looked slick and clean. Sponsors loved how their logos were displayed and the fact that they were visible in all content focused on the gym floor and event perimeter.

What an honor it is to support events like the Metcon Rush that bring community together and encourage a healthy lifestyle!

So what do you think? Can crowd control barricades really make or break an event?

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