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Use Branded Construction Sites to Win More Work

Water filled LCD and fencing line for Big D Construction 4

Whenever there are eyes on a construction site, there is an opportunity to advertise and win more business. Sites don’t even need to be in high traffic areas. Every vehicle or pedestrian that passes by is a set of eyes that could have a project on the horizon or know someone who does. The perimeter of a project site is valuable real estate that can serve as a billboard to the general public.

water-filled LCD and fencing line for Big-D Construction

The active construction phase is the most opportune time to advertise a construction company and create brand awareness. Once construction is over the clients will be pleased but passers-by won’t have any idea who completed the work unless they ask. During construction is when builders can use branding to attract attention.

water-filled LCD and fencing line for Big-D Construction

OTW Offers Two Great Ways to Brand a Construction or Project Site

The first is with Billboard Barricades and custom signs attached directly to the integrated display panel. Custom signs can feature branding or information. This can be a benefit on even the smallest projects. These barricades can be used to create a temporary work zone or delineate a work area from a walkway. Signs and provide a warning, direction or education and let the public know who is doing the work. Many contractors will add their logo to caution and warning signs to achieve multiple goals.

The second is with steel fence panels and branded privacy screening – paired with one of three different styles of jersey barricades. We manufacture both road-rated and general construction barricades. Fence panels arrive pre-assembled and slide in to the barricades easily. We screenprint company logos on heavy duty scrim panels (also called wind or privacy screen) that are cut to size and fit neatly on the fence panels. The fence panel/barricade combo creates an 8-foot barrier to entry and the mesh fabric provides privacy, wind protection and a branding opportunity.

water-filled LCD and fencing line for Big-D Construction

Recently Big-D Construction in Salt Lake City replaced some older concrete barricades with a line of our plastic water-filled 42X72 LCD barricades and branded fence panels at a job site in Herriman, UT. Not only does the new line of barricades create a privacy wall and formidable barrier, everyone who drives by knows who is on this job. The Big-D logo is prominent and repeated.

The barricades and fence panels can be used over and over at job sites around the city, reinforcing the fact that Big D is trusted to execute large projects and deliver quality work. On the practical side, there is no need to hire a separate fencing contractor for each job. Fence panels can simply be removed, stored on a pallet in the equipment yard and transported to the next job site. The modularity of the panels can really save on labor hours and/or costs in the long-term when compared to subbing out the fencing.

Line of jersey barricades with fence panels displaying logo for Big-D construction

At OTW we always aim to augment our products with unique features that give our customers the most long-term value possible.

If you’re interested in branding your construction site, feel free to reach out!

Photo Credit: Gideon Kai