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Airport Runway Construction Safety

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There are safety concerns and legal requirements for just about any construction project. Projects in and around airports present a huge number of additional challenges and regulations. It can be difficult to be sure that your crew is following regulations. We’ve put together a PowerPoint presentation to supplement airport-specific training for construction personnel. 

Airport Safety Basics

The presentation takes you from basic rules, the meanings of lights and painted markings in the operations area to specific examples of past infractions and their consequences. Violations result in closeout letters, Warning Letters, Letters of Correction, or civil penalty actions. Construction personnel who commit a vehicle/pedestrian deviation may be required to retrain or may lose authorization to enter the Air Operations area.

Types of Barricades & Markings

The presentation explains the various types of airport barricades that may be used, where they should be placed, and how they should be secured during an airport construction project. We explain the use of Pilot Visual Aids, such as signs for holding positions and taxiway lights, and how they should be treated with regard to closures during a construction project. We also discuss how to properly mark closed runways and safety areas.


Finally, the presentation explains how the site should be left post-construction. We discuss the removal of construction debris and unauthorized objects. The presentation also covers pavement lips, ground debris, and other hazardous surface variations.

Airport Construction Safety Presentation

FAA Safety Requirements for Airfield Construction from offthewallsafety

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