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32″ Jersey Barricades – small but MIGHTY

National Work Zone Awareness Week 2023

You’ve likely heard of our well-known 42” jersey-shaped LCD barricade, but have you heard about its smaller sibling, the 32” jersey-shaped LCD barricade!? These jersey barricades are smaller and lighter than any of our other models, and the geometry of their design is the most unique of any of our products!

This barrier might be small, but its size doesn’t affect its versatility and usefulness. Rather, its small size makes it the perfect choice for many applications where a bigger barricade might not be the right choice.

What are 32” jersey barricades used for?

These rotationally molded barricades are versatile and durable, and the 32” size is an excellent choice for applications where the standard 42” height is not required. We often see our 32” LCD barricade used along roads for consistent division between walkways and construction areas, as the base for go-kart tracks, and as more substantial crowd control.

As the 32” LCD does have considerable heft (especially when ballasted), they are also perfect for semi-permanent security needs and hazard identification. Hazard tape and cones are flimsy, so, when a more robust security application is needed, our LCDs will get the job done well. Not only that, but as they are strong enough to withstand elements, vehicles, and more, business owners have found a favorite in the 32” LCD for creating safe outdoor seating areas. Proactivity and planning ahead are key! Creating a secure perimeter around your designated space for guests to enjoy the outdoors is crucial to maintaining a high level of safety, and our barricades are here to help.

CC42x96 in Canopy White and OTW32x45 LCD in White La Napa

What makes the 32” LCD unique?

Its size is not the only thing that makes our 32” jersey barricade unique, but it was one of the determining factors when design plans were in progress. Because it doesn’t have the same profile as a 42’ by 72” LCD, our designers needed to find a way to give this barricade the same level of rigidness that the larger version is known for. A unique internal bracing structure was born, which gives this barricade its sleek look, robust functionality, and effective impact strength.

When shipping barricades, size really does matter – and the 32” LCD barricade allows for more flexibility with freight costs! Its smaller size gives us a 68% increase in linear feet per truckload; this helps us maximize your shipment with up to 90 linear feet per pallet and 810 linear feet per truckload (this means reduced shipping costs for our customers for this particular barricade).

As many customers need to ballast their barricades, we included a large fill cap and drain cap. Empty, the 32” LCD weighs in at 32 pounds, but will hold up to 56 gallons of water for 500 pounds of ballasting power. It also supports up to two traditional pancake lights for those instances where a lighted barricade is needed!

Is the 32” LCD barricade right for you?

We firmly believe that the 32” jersey barricade is perfect for a wide variety of applications, but if you’re not sure what would work best for your situation (whatever it may be), we are happy to collaborate with you to figure it out! Give our office a call to talk to an expert, or send us an email to get started today.

32-inch plastic jersey barricade in safety orange and white stacked vertically, demonstrating how they can be stored. Photo features drain caps.
OTW Restaurant Barricades creating a safe outdoor seating area in front of Playa Bowls in SLC, UT
Go Kart racing at SEMA Las Vegas
2 Safety orange small jersey barricades on a pallet, displaying OTW Safety Logo
the new 32-inch LCD compared to the 42-inch
Orange and white OTW barricades set up as a go-kart track; buildings in the background

Download the OTW32x45 LCD Product Specs