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  • At Over 70mph Wind Load, AR10x96 Maintains its Position

    OTW Safety recently tested its airport runway products to the requirements outlined in Military Standard UFC 3-260-01 and Military Specification Engineering Technical Letter (ETL) 04-2 (Change 1). The test was conducted by Darko Technolgies in Ogden, UT, using its recently completed wind tunnel. OTW Models AR10x96 and AR24x96 both passed wind loading at the minimum requirement of 35 mph and were continually loaded to the max wind speed of the facility at over 70 mph with no movement of the bar.
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  • New AR3 Designed Specifically for GA Airports

    Historically, general aviation (GA) airports have been exempt from Part 139 advisory circulars issued by the FAA, giving commercial airports a permit to land commercial carriers in return for compliance with these advisories. However, GA airports try to comply as much as possible, even with their much lower budgets and limited access to AIP grants.
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  • Motorist Drives Through Freshly Poured Concrete

    As disucssed in my previous blog posts, motorists are frequently driving into work zones by driving between the gaps in drums, delineators, and cones. Again, as documeted in this story from Kentucky, a motorist drove around traffic barricades and barrels and through wet concrete.
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