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  • Custom Signs for Construction Sites


    The ability to display custom signs is one of the features that makes the Billboard Barricade truly unique. The built-in display space can serve in a variety of ways, for example when custom messaging is needed around a construction site.

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  • Plastic Barricades Make a Statement on and off the Field


    One of the best parts about selling products to so many local Utah businesses is that we get to see our products in use year after year. It feels good to know that we’re contributing products to the marketplace that truly enhance so many different types of venues and events.

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  • Team OTW at The Hurricane Mountain Bike Fest

    OTW Safety at the Hurricane Mountain Bike Fest

    On a sunny weekend at the end of March the OTW crew and a few hundred other mountain biking aficionados gathered in a little town in Southern Utah called Hurricane. We were there for two reasons. First, we love adventure. Second, we love supporting events and event producers with our awesome crowd control barricades.

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  • OTW Safety at Night on Commonwealth

    OTW Crowd Barricades at Night on Commonwealth

    Summer is event season at OTW Safety. Just down the street from our offices at Night on Commonwealth there were live local bands, beat boy dancers, artists selling their wares, food trucks and of course, a bar with wine, beer, and Dented Brick Distillery cocktails! Our colorful crowd barricades and signage were put to good use and looked great, keeping people safe and highlighting the generous sponsors of the South Salt Lake Arts Council.

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  • The Big Time

    OTW barriers are popping up all over! If you watch TV — and quite a few people do — you may have seen a Kia commercial that pitted two robots against each other in a hilarious grocery-loading competition. You also may have noticed, prominently displayed in the high-tech testing facility where the competition takes place, a line of UV-resistant High Density Polyethylene barriers.While you may not have pulled all that information from a few seconds of coverage on TV, we did.

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  • OTW Safety at the Petzl Di'namik Bouldering Contest

    OTW Safety at Petxl Dinamik Climbing Competition

    Every year, outdoor enthusiasts descend on Salt Lake City to sample all the industry's latest gear. This ocean of puffy jackets, beards, and beanies provides the perfect backdrop for some friendly (and very intense) competition — the Petzl Di'namik Bouldering Championship. This year's competition, featuring some of the best climbers in the world, proved to be the best yet.

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  • Photo Contest Winners

    WE'VE GOT A WINNER! Thank You to Amber at Safe T Lite for this awesome photo of our Billboard Barricades at the San Diego dock. We love all the colors!

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  • A stampede caused by metal barricades?

    Broken metal barricades can be a hazard

    According to an article published by The Commerical Appeal back in May, crowds on Beale Street in Memphis mistook crashing metal barricades for gunshots and started fleeing in all directions. Hundreds of people ran toward the exits, two were arrested and others ended up in the hospital.

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