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The Many Uses of the 24” Low Profile Barricade

AR24x96 orange white linked wide angle

Safety and security barricade systems are used throughout many industries and many variations are available. Looking closely at the features and benefits of different barricades and comparing them to your project requirements will help you determine exactly which barricade system will serve you best.

OTW has been providing barricades since 1993 so we know just how many different settings can benefit from the right type of barricade. Utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques, we have been able to create solutions for challenging operating environments and regulatory requirements. One of our most versatile products is the 24” Low Profile Barricade, or the AR24x96. This barricade is lower to the ground than many alternatives but has incredible staying power when ballasted, making it the perfect option many different types of businesses.

24” Low Profile Barricade Applications

Originally designed for use on active runways, this Low Profile Barrier has extended its appeal to all kinds of other applications from race tracks to parking lots. Here are a few of the different applications we’ve seen for the 24” Low Profile Barricade:

Airport Applications

The most common use for the AR24x96 is still on airside construction zones. Any work taking place on an active runway must be clearly delineated per FAA regulations. Many project plans require a 10” low profile barricade but in some cases, especially when larger aircraft are more common, a slightly taller barrier is more visible from the cockpit. The 24” Low Profile Barricade is still low enough to meet wingtip clearance standards while providing a taller, more visible safety line.

Military Applications

The versatility of the 24” Low Profile Barrier is highlighted in military applications. Bi-directional roadway hazard lights can be attached directly to the corner of the barricade or the airport-specific Military Grade Hazard Light can be attached to the drain cap with an adapter. The charged light will automatically turn on when ambient light falls below 60 lux. These barricade and light systems are useful in low-speed situations like vehicle checkpoints and entry or security gates. When durability, ease of deployment and impact resistance are priorities, the AR24x96 meets the challenge.

Construction Applications

In low-speed construction zones, parking lots, or specialty applications where federal highway construction zone standards do not apply, the 24” Low Profile Barricade is perfect for creating temporary delineation. Lower barricades provide visibility while keeping cars and pedestrians out of hazardous zones. Once in place and ballasted with water, these barricades can be relocated with a forklift instead of being emptied. For a site that will be in flux, this feature can be a time-saver.

Cargo Applications

If your business has a loading dock and/or warehouse, the 24” Low Profile Barrier can be a great asset. It can be used to delineate pedestrian paths from heavy machinery, block off limited access areas or separate low-speed traffic. The bright white and orange options are highly visible and reflective sheeting can also be added.

Parking Lots and Structures

Cones and delineator posts can often be seen as a suggestion in parking facilities and ignored by drivers. Low profile barricades can provide a more substantial blockade that is likely to be seen and respected by drivers. They are high and heavy enough to create a physical barrier for cars but they are low enough that both sides of the wall can usually be seen. Unlike taller barriers or hedges, no one can hide behind a two-foot tall barricade. They can form a continuous line or be set up individually depending on how much area needs to be blocked off – think closed sections versus individual spaces. If channelizing cars or separating walkways from driveways have ever been an issue, you might consider these unique barricades.

Benefits of the 24” Low Profile Barricade

The AR24x96 is a versatile, sturdy, and highly visible barricade. There are so many great features associated with the 24” Low Profile Barricade including:

Built-In Interlocking Pins

The first of many benefits of the AR24x96 is the built-in interlocking pins that are molded into the barricade. These pins allow multiple barricades to be connected without any additional hardware. You don’t need to worry about keeping track of any extra connection pieces, and it makes the barricades easy to set up, creating a safe and secure area.

Extreme Strength

The 24” Low Profile Barrier is designed and manufactured with a wide base and deep interlocking geometry to provide superior strength and stability. The barricade is also made of UV-resistant High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is the strongest, toughest, and most chemical resistant type of polyethylene (check out this video showcasing a drop test of the ARx96 from 18 feet with no damage). This makes the AR24x96 very long lasting and weather resistant. It can endure higher temperatures and resist mold, mildew, rotting, and insects.

Additional Stability

The AR24x96 empty weighs only 35 pounds. However, the barricade can be ballasted with 30 gallons of water, making it weigh up to 375 pounds. At only 24” tall, the height-to-weight ratio of this barricade makes it extremely stable once filled with water. It holds up to inclement weather and high-wind conditions. Because the barricades are so light before being ballasted they are easy to transport to and from the work zone when the project is starting or complete.

Easy Relocation

We just mentioned the incredible weight capacity of the 24” Low Profile Barricade, but what if you need to move the barricade while your project is still in progress? With the AR24x96, there is no need to empty the water in order to easily transport the barricade every time it needs to be relocated during the same project. We designed the barricade with molded lower forklift points to make moving the barricades easy – even when they are still filled with water.

Improved Visibility

The AR24x96 is a low profile barrier, however, that doesn’t mean it isn’t highly visible. Manufactured with UV-resistant HDPE, the barricade will not lose its color over time. The option for factory-installed orange and white reflective sheeting is also available. These properties keep the barricade easily detectable and obvious, helping prevent accidents in work and construction zones.

One Barricade, So Many Uses!

If you are in need of barricades, see if the 24” Low Profile Barricade suits your application better than taller options. The AR24x96 is durable, highly-visible, and can be used for many different applications. If you aren’t sure if the AR24x96 will work for you, contact our experts at OTW Safety and we can help you determine which barricade system would be best for your specific situation.