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Southern Utah Calls: The Hurricane Mountain Bike Fest

Hurricane 2019 4

An annual event that welcomes mountain bike enthusiasts to the front gates of spectacular Southern Utah scenic trails, the Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival doesn’t disappoint. The OTW crew headed south to the community of Hurricane, Utah with a truckload of crowd control barricades and mountain bikes to set up the event and gear up for an amazing, adrenaline-filled weekend.

So, what’s the connection between world class mountain biking trails and our crowd control barricades? Here are a few ways our event gear sets us apart.

Stackable Storage

Our event barricades are cost effective and efficient as they lay flat and stack high.

To lay flat, the barricade has a swivel foot feature, which makes it less awkward to handle and easier to move. Stacking high is a massive advantage since vertical storage is a challenge with steel barricades. Another option is hanging the barricades using a racking system flat against the wall, similar to bike barricade but as a much more efficient use of space.

Sponsorship and Wayfinding Opportunities

Bike aficionados at the Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival could see where to roll next with these wayfinding signs. The signs are useful for all kinds of directional information.

The signs are mounted with simple hardware and are super easy to install. They are significantly less expensive than vinyl signs and much quicker to print. OTW Safety offers design and printing services and can even install signs prior to shipping barricades.

Sponsors want as many eyes as possible on their brand. Exposure and positive associations are the main objectives behind sponsorship after all. What better way to add some extra display space than by adding sponsor logos to the entire perimeter of an event? Check out some of the sponsors that made this year’s Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival such a hit.

OTW was able to participate in a special sponsorship this year. We donated all the Silipint cups available for purchase at the festival. Profits from the sale of the indestructible cups went to the Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association.

The Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association is dedicated to enhancing and fomenting mountain biking opportunities and trails in Southern Utah. We believe Mountain biking creates a healthy lifestyle that promotes strong community bounds and positively effects the economy. By creating amazing trail experiences in Southern Utah, our goal is to create a healthy, strong community of mountain bikers.

Custom Colors

How about the the natural beauty and the small town vibe of Hurricane in the springtime? Our event partners chose our green barricades to match this feeling and contribute to the atmosphere of the event.

OTW Barricades come in a variety of colors to enhance your brand. These barricades become part of the scene and change the quality of events and the patron experience. OTW Safety works with you to match any Pantone color you may desire.

Lightweight Design

The bike world is all about ultralight design and durability, and OTW Safety takes a similar approach toward quality and efficiency.

These barricades weigh only 33 pounds when not filled with water or sand. This makes them heavy enough to withstand winds but light enough for almost anyone to move on their own. Multiple configurations are possible as the barricades includes a second connection point, allowing three barricades to be connected at the same point. This feature is useful for creating queues and marking off boundaries. The barricades can also be staked through the flag hole to soft surfaces like grass when it’s necessary.


OTW Barricades are an asset for indoor and outdoor events as well as a variety of venues. With so many unique features the versatility of this barricade is unparalleled.

Hit the Trails

Our team is ready to ride and explore the vast terrain and seventy-degree weather here in Hurricane, UT (sorry not sorry, snowy SLC!).

Are you an event producer who could use some insight or help planning your next event? Feel free to get in touch to learn more about our barricades and event services!