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Shop small with OTW Safety

Shop small with OTW Safety

Supporting local small businesses is one of the best ways to invigorate your immediate economy – not to mention that with every purchase, you’re helping make dreams come to life! Shop small – your support helps build strong communities, creates more local jobs, aids causes close to home, and enriches the locality as a whole.

Partnering with OTW Safety in Salt Lake City

OTW is proud to offer many services that are integral to the construction, event, and safety industries of Salt Lake. We offer event production services, barricade rentals, and more – and we are looking forward to seeing how we can serve you!

Support local with OTW Production Services!

You might know us for our barricades, but OTW provides more than just that With more than 25 years of experience, our Director of Events, Patrick Burns, leads our Event Production department – a team that is well-versed in planning and implementing incredible events of any size.

Only available in the state of Utah, our production team (along with our excellent partners) offers a wide variety of services from the beginning of an event… all the way to the end.

We offer insights into planning, logistical support, security preparation, and more, in our pre-event services. We can aid you as an integral part of your day-of, on-site production team with experts in operations (special events personnel), set-up of barricades, stages, and more prior to your event, and striking the entirety of your event when the day is done. We have experience with events from small street fairs to those as large as the Utah Arts Festival, which draws nearly 80,000 people over four days, and our production services were invaluable to each and every one!

Learn more about our production services here.

Shop small with Utah Barricade Rental!

Not only do we offer a myriad of production services, but we have barricades for rental as well. While barricades and set-up can be included as part of a production services plan, we do not offer the service for those solely renting barricades. However, multiple types of barricades are available to rent from our warehouse and they are incredibly easy to deploy yourself or with a small team!

With OTW Production Services, our safety and security measures (including crowd control) are supported through the provision of our versatile barricades. We are highly experienced in providing barricades for all types of events – from farmer’s markets to festivals, and concerts to marathons, we’ve done it all.

Our most commonly rented barricade is our one-of-a-kind pedestrian Billboard Barricade. This barricade is excellent for crowd control, area demarcation, and more! Businesses such as NAIOP Utah, the Living Traditions Festival, and even local ski resorts frequently choose this barricade for their events both indoors and out!

Our newly launched vertical panel is the perfect addition to your event to mark parking spaces, line a perimeter, or act as guardians to restricted areas. Our event entrance gate, used by the Utah Arts Festival, is the perfect way to regulate visitors and authorized personnel.

For heftier needs such as construction sites and roadside work zones, our 42” jersey shape LCD barricade is a stellar choice. The bright orange profile lends itself to heavy-duty perimeters and increased safety, while the ability to ballast with over a thousand pounds of water means that your barricades aren’t going anywhere. We also often recommend our 32” LCD barricade for similar purposes, as they are simple to deploy, easy to transport, and ballast at a similar weight.

If you’re hosting a block party, consider our block party barricades to redirect traffic and keep your partiers safe. Our block party barricades are only available for rent via phone call, as we have a limited number available. Don’t wait if these are your barricade of choice!

Our barricades are incredibly versatile and perfect for application at events of any type. We’d love to help you pick out what will work best for your event… and, if you should so choose, you can even pick up your order at our Will Call pickup!

OTW Will Call

Will Call is a dedicated service offered from our warehouse for prepaid orders to be picked up at no extra cost. Many of our local customers might not be aware that will call is an option, but we are happy to help make your rental and purchase orders more affordable by removing the need for freight and shipping costs. Bring your own transportation, but no need to bring the heavy equipment – we have everything necessary to load your order into your vehicle. Does your order include crowd control barricades? We can easily fit an entire pallet of them into the bed of a pickup truck… which saves you time and space!

As with every order, we encourage you to inspect your purchases and rentals as soon as they arrive. With delivery, you have three days to notify us of any issues so that we can help resolve them, but, with Will Call, we can take care of anything that arises immediately.

Picking your barricades up from our warehouse also gives you the opportunity to meet the team and ask our experts any questions you may have in person – we know how valuable that resource can be!

Austin Richs from Broadway Media
Broadway Media will call pick up for ESPN700 tailgate event

Utah community – supporting each other

We fully believe that supporting small businesses is an important part of a community, and we are happy to be a part of the incredibly supportive Utah locale.

If you are planning an event, looking for barricade rentals, or in need of production services, give our team of experts a call! We are looking forward to hearing from you and learning all about your part in the Utah community and how we can help support you. Shop small with OTW!


Silver crowd barricades rented from OTW safety
Utah Living traditions festival, crowd barricade in canopy white with festival performers
4 Orange wedge barricades on a sidewalk with signage that reads: Road Closed
Canopy white barricade with signage at Utah event
Rental barricades at the IFSC climbing world cup
Will call pick up, barricades stacked on a pallet
Orange event barricade with sign that reads: No climbing
Yellow barricades at entrance of festival