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Dew Tour Portland Invitational

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This past week OTW Safety had the opportunity to attend the Dew Tour Portland Invitational to see our 42-inch Jersey Shape LCD in action at the BMX Dirt Event. The barricades were set up to line the perimeter of the course and define the pedestrian walkway. The organizers left enough room to accommodate spectators and people making their way to and from the stands.

Once this LCD model is ballasted with water it becomes practically immovable. At max ballast a single barricade will weigh 1,330 pounds. But it isn’t usually necessary to achieve that high of a weight. Work zones require 10.8 gallons of water – achieving a weight of 170 pounds – which far exceeds what is needed for crowd control. It’s likely these barricades weren’t ballasted at all and were simply set up in a line and removed by hand after the event.

This LCD model is unique in the world of plastic barricades so we aren’t surprised it’s being used for action sports events like the Dew Tour and Gymkhana Grid. The wide array of applications for our barricades never ceases to entertain!