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Back-to-School: Books, Binders and… Barricades?

Back to School Books Binders and Barricades

Don’t forget to check out OTW’s upcoming Back-to-School sale for your campus!

As a school, you know how incredibly important budget is. Knowing that safety is our priority, you can be confident knowing you’re getting barricades at the highest safety standards, and with our upcoming Back-to-School sale, you know you’re getting the best prices, too!

Barricades like we have here at OTW Safety can be helpful for schools in more uses than might come immediately to mind. Plus, they are cost-effective long-term, so you can keep next year in mind as you prepare for this one.

Great for Fundraisers (Get your Bake Sale On!)

Fundraisers are the lifeblood that keep school budgets pumping. They also keep parents involved and bond the student body. OTW’s barricades are excellent for both outdoors and indoors, so they can help you set up a safe and efficient event whether it’s a rally on the grass or a bake sale near the pick-up lane. You can showcase your school spirit with custom colors on your crowd control barricades, and logos on custom signage! Go a step further with your fundraising skills and use those custom options to showcase local sponsors, and get that much-needed funding for your school! 

Manage Your Parking Lots

Parking lots can be a frustrating place. Finding a spot as a teacher or a parent, and safely navigating your way through is not always as easy as we’d hope. You can use safety barricades like our LCDs to designate specific areas for certain visitors. You can also control entrances and exits to help cars flow in and out safely and efficiently. Have an event and are expecting higher traffic? Thankfully, OTW Safety’s barricades are quite versatile and easy to move when you need, so you can adapt your lot to your needs. Direct parents to main entrances and staff and teachers to where they need to go. Don’t need as many barricades during normal school days? No problem. OTW Safety’s barricades can be easily stored and tucked away for when you need them again. Need more privacy? You can add fencing panels and even a gate where you need easy, but more exclusive access.

Parents’ Nights Without Repeated Questions

Speaking of events, you’ll often have times when parents are coming to your campus. Once they’ve parked, you’ll want to make sure they get to the right place. OTW Safety’s crowd control barricades are excellent for quickly directing your visitors where to go. You can also add directional signage and instructions for an even smoother gathering. While you’re at it, you can post information regarding events, important dates, and announcements in a way that is highly visible and easy to read. Also, since our barricades are easy to move and won’t damage your floors indoors, you can quickly move them around to direct the quickest exits at the end of your event. 

Crowd Control at Sporting Events

Who doesn’t love to come and cheer with the crowd for the school’s sports teams? Sporting events are fun, but as a school, you know that means a lot more people than on a typical day. OTW Safety’s crowd control barricades can be an excellent solution for managing all your visitors. Plus, with custom signage, you have a unique sponsor opportunity. Yes, sponsors love their logos on sports jerseys, but you can also offer custom signage posted all over the event on your barricades! Those are some guaranteed eyes as your guests are lined up for nachos, or entering and exiting the event. Since our barricades are easy to move, you can place them wherever you need people to queue up or flow in and out.

Safe School Upgrades

Your student body is ever-growing, so your school often has a lot of keeping up to do! There’s never a perfect time for construction on campus, but there are perfect solutions for maintaining a safe site. OTW Safety has all the barricades you need to manage both automobile and pedestrian traffic safely and efficiently. Plus, you can pretty up the space with fence panels, which both hide a messy worksite as well as keep out any curious visitors. Add a gate accessory for easy access for staff and workers, while maintaining privacy and safety.

Save Your Dollars and Grab Your Equipment Now!

We’ve been through why it’s a great idea to use OTW’s barricades. We are our own manufacturer and designer, so we know you’re getting a quality product. With our Back-to-School sale, you’ll be getting the best prices ever, which is a great way to kick off the school year! Contact us today and let us help you figure out everything you need to help your school year run without a hitch.

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