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Using Color to Organize your Event

Using Color to Organize your Event

Whether it’s a concert, a fair, a sports tournament, or any other kind of event with crowds and traffic, there is always a need for safety. But safety first doesn’t mean style has to take the back seat.

Let’s take a look at how using our colorful Billboard Barricades for your event will create a secure yet aesthetically pleasing environment.

But first, what is the Billboard Barricade? It’s OTW’s take on the crowd control or bike rack barricade.

You’ve undoubtedly seen those movable metal barriers that resemble small gates at a concert or any other given public event. OTW wanted to improve on the model, so we did.

Our barricades are made of UV-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE), meaning they’re lighter and more weather resistant. They won’t rust and the foldable feet make them easier to store. But the thing that makes the Billboard Barricade extra special? The ability to customize the color and add signage. Click here to find out more about one of our favorite products.

Yellow Billboard Barricades with Custom Signage behind brightly colored plastic chairs

What does color mean to us?

Okay, so now that you know you can place an order for your very own brand-matching barricades instead of dragging those dull metal ones out of storage, what color do you order?

For some, this is a no brainer, you’ll just get the color that matches your logo or brand. For example, our barriers come in handy at school sporting events; barriers in the team’s colors blend in and give an extra pop of school spirit! But what if you don’t have to work within specific color confines?

If the last few years have shown us anything, it’s that we are obsessed with finding the right color for every occasion. From Rihanna’s groundbreaking 250 Fenty Beauty foundation shades to the color palette test on Tiktok, we are constantly looking for the right color for everything.

But there may be a deeper reason for this.

Color theory, or the science and art of using color is a method of studying how people perceive color as well as how we use it to communicate certain messages. It’s a part of color psychology or the study of how colors make us feel.

Who knew color choices were that deep? Well, we did! And we understand the need for aesthetic flow. It’s the reason we offer our barricades in so many different colors!

Red for Emergencies

Think about the first aid tent at the last festival or event you attended. Chances are it had some element of red on it. This is because red is one of the warm colors. It represents action and passion. This is why first responder vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks are red, it signals a sense of urgency to everyone around.

If red safety barricades are set up around a first aid section, they could serve as a subconscious but clear message to attendees, signaling where they should go in an emergency.

Warm Colors for Marketing 

The most common barrier color is orange, you usually see this on construction and accident sites. Yellow lights, the slow sign, and wet floor signs are commonly yellow. This is because the colors orange and yellow signal hazard and caution.

Bright orange pedestrian barricade on stone backdrop. Orange signage mounted to barricade reads: "Please no climbing on the fountain

But that doesn’t mean these colors should only be used for construction or freshly mopped floors.

Like red, orange and yellow are also warm colors. They typically represent energy, assuredness, and happiness. Yellow barricades can be used for school field days to set up a maze or a fun game of Gaga Ball at recess! Or, use them to create lanes for organization in cafeterias and gyms.

Have you ever noticed how many food logos are red or yellow? This is a well-known and often used marketing trick. People are more likely to pull into a McDonalds after spotting the bright red sign and golden arches from the highway or make a pit stop at a KFC for a quick and easy dinner after seeing the logo on a drive home after a long day at work.

You can use this marketing trick for your events too.

For your next food festival, order pedestrian barricades in warm colors like red, yellow, and orange, then set them up to lead to food stations. The colorway of the barriers will act as a subliminal call to action, encouraging people to satiate their hunger and become happy!

Metal barriers can make attendees feel like they are trapped in a maze; warm colors are more appealing and bring out the best attitudes and appetites in everyone.

Food Truck Face Off Signage on a Red Pedestrian Barricade placed in a park

Clean and Green

When we think of the color green, we usually associate it with the Earth, life, and new beginnings. Green barricades are far more versatile than one may think. For example, someone could use them at a food festival to signal where the healthy or vegetarian/vegan food is located.

Alternatively, they can be set up to lead someone to the recycling or waste bins. Two common causes of littering are the lack bins and the lack of knowing where they are. Having positive markers will help keep the grounds free of litter.

You can also add directional or wayfinding signage on the barricades. We offer complimentary custom coroplast signs, so you’ll have the option to add signs for trash, recycling, and food waste.

Having positive markers will help keep the grounds free of litter. This makes clean up a lot easier; the lightweight barriers with foldable feet are an added bonus.

Signs install easily and come down just as quickly.

Calm and Blue

Above we talked about warm colors, but what about cool colors?

Blue is a cool color and is often associated with calm and peace. How do you employ blue barricades at an event? Try setting up a quiet resting area. Place the barriers in a space away from the noise and chaos of the event, near first aid areas.

Set them up in a spacious circle or leading to a more private covered area. Consider adding custom signage provided by OTW Safety.

Attendees will be thankful for the chance to rest without having to go all the way back to their home or hotel. A rest area will create a memorable experience. They won’t hesitate to return to the event next time because they know they have everything they need in one place.

Black and White for VIP Event Venues

What about events or areas that call for a little less color? OTW has you covered there, too. Black represents elegance and power, added to the Billboard Barricade’s sleek design, you have the perfect barricades for controlling foot traffic or setting up a VIP section at locations like restaurants, concert grounds, or sporting facilities.

Similarly, the color white symbolizes cleanliness and sophistication. White barricades blend in well at cotillions, proms, and weddings. They merge with the rest of décor, unlike orange or metal barricades.

Image shows rider on a horse at World equestrian Center (OH). White equestrian barricades contain the equestrian ring.

Unleash the Possibilities with our Billboard Barricades!

Incorporating color into your event can subtly yet effectively transform the atmosphere. Our Billboard Barricades help you merge functionality with style. Don’t see the color you want? We can match any Pantone color for an additional cost and minimum order quantity.

Click here to explore our range of customizable options and choose the perfect colors to leave a lasting impression at any event.

Whether it’s directing attendees to crucial areas or enhancing the overall experience with color, the barricades’ customization options are key. So, why settle for mundane metal barriers? Elevate your event with barricades that support your branding.

Make your event both safe and visually captivating. Upgrade your event experience today!