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Benefits of Having a U.S. Manufacturer Partnership

Benefits of Having a U S Manufacturer Partnership

Choosing a manufacturing partner is a big deal, and one that requires thorough research. While there are plenty of manufacturers abroad, companies should stop to consider the benefits of partnering with a manufacturer here in the United States. So what exactly are the benefits?

Reduced Production Times

Time is money, and having US-based manufacturers can drastically reduce production time for a company. It just makes sense— by having less distance to travel between the manufacturer and the buyer, the product can then get to the customer even faster. Having this hastened supply chain will ramp the entire process into action and guarantee quicker revenue for companies and more products for their customers.

Lower Shipping Costs & Times

It’s true that using a manufacturer overseas can result in reduced labor and production costs, but a big factor that should be taken into account is the cost of shipping. It can get expensive to constantly ship products and materials all around the globe. However, having a U.S. manufacturer partnership can help to significantly reduce the cost of shipping and delivery, which enables and encourages customers to continue making purchases.

Besides cost, there can also be a significant time associated with shipping overseas. Currently  there are shipping vessels waiting to be unloaded, leaving goods and materials stuck on ships. Especially in the US where the port bottlenecks are worsening, working with a stateside manufacturing partner can reduce shipping times for your products.

Easier Customization

With a stateside manufacturer, customization is easier than ever when you need to brand the products you love with your own name and logo! Typically when you need overseas customization, you would require a very high quantity of products and they may not be able to brand the product itself. Further, it can take quite a long time for custom products to be manufactured and shipped from overseas. At OTW Safety, our billboard barricades can be custom ordered in any color you need along with customized signage. Plus our 42” jersey-shaped barricade can integrate with a customized fence panel for branding.

water-filled LCD and fencing line for Big-D Construction

Support Your Community

Using manufacturers overseas may reduce the cost of taxes for some businesses, but by partnering with a manufacturer in the United States, all of those taxes will then go into your own community— money that would then be used for funding schools, roads, buildings, programs, and generating a more bustling internal economy. This is an excellent opportunity to maintain and even improve your own government’s financial standing— which they could greatly use, especially with the seemingly never-ending disruption of the pandemic.

Further, with technology and the effects of the pandemic resulting in a reduced number of jobs in the United States, more and more Americans are on the hunt for their next career. One of the benefits of partnering with a manufacturing company in the U.S. is the additional job opportunities that it will create. People are also more likely to support a company that employs their family, friends, and fellow citizens, which will, in turn, generate more sales.

Improved Customer Service

One problem some companies face with manufacturers stationed overseas is the quality of their customer service and communication. Due to time zones or translation issues, overseas manufacturers may not provide the same level of customer service that you’re used to and deserve. However, when the manufacturer is located within the same geographical location as your business, you’ll be on the same page and similar time zones. Site visits are also easier when you only have to travel domestically.

Final Thoughts

Given the extensive list of benefits tied to U.S. manufacturing, choosing to partner with one inside the country is a logical move for any company that wishes to thrive in the industry. With perks like improved customer service, lower shipping costs, and taxes that actually contribute to your community, it might be in your best interest to look into partnering with a local manufacturer.

Want to know more about the benefits of partnering with a manufacturer in the United States? Let us know. Contact OTW Safety today or call (801)-521-7065 to learn more.

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