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Temporary barricades: portable ≠ flimsy

Temporary barricades portable flimsy

Temporary barricades don’t have to be flimsy.

Perhaps you’ve scoured the web for sturdy portable traffic barricades or temporary construction barricades and are frustrated by the results. Many searches will produce links or DIYs for cones, rickety retractable barriers, tape perimeters, mesh, and more. While these items aren’t necessarily bad, they do not provide the stability or durability that many sites need.

Project sites need to be securely fortified to protect equipment, workers, and progress, and, unfortunately, the most common temporary barrier items just aren’t up to the task.

Enter OTW barricades.

All of OTW’s barricades are highly portable and easily used in temporary or permanent settings due to their light weight, movability, and versatility. Where concrete barriers are heavy and generally permanent, plastic barricades are easy to transport from project to project and just as strong.

Where you might expect tape to droop or flimsier barricades to bend or break, you can have full confidence that OTW barricades won’t bend, break, or warp during their use on a site!

How do we know this?

We know just what goes into each of our products – from design to materials to manufacturing, we have intentionally considered every aspect of our barricades.

Creating quality products that enhance public safety is an important part of our company’s mission, so we do everything in our power to ensure that every product we put on the market is up to our high standards. Each barricade design is created with durability in mind and undergoes various types of rigorous testing. They are also guaranteed to last a minimum of eight years with regular use and care (and come with a guaranteed 1-year manufacturing warranty against defects).

Orange OTW barricades with fencing and privacy screens line the perimeter of a construction site on the right side of the photo. Parts of an airport can be seen to the left and beyond.

Choose OTW barricades for traffic and construction sites.

Where once upon a time you might have had to choose between sturdiness or portability in your temporary barricading systems, with OTW you no longer have to make that choice. OTW manufactures a variety of construction barricades and traffic barricades that make securing your sites or directing traffic easy and safe for all involved.

They can help ensure that high-speed traffic is fully separated from adjacent construction zones and keep workers as safe as possible while they’re on the job. They also can keep pedestrians and vehicles out of hazardous areas and help maintain security, safety, and peace of mind!

Water filled barrier protecting a road side construction zone. The background of the image shows snow capped hills.

Temporary barricades that last.

OTW has been in the safety business for three decades and we’re not going anywhere. Our tried and true products are created for a number of industries and niches, and we are proud to continue to provide excellent products that we know will last years.

It’s important to us to be a part of the process from start to finish… so we are! Our products are designed and developed in-house and our manufacturing processes are directly overseen by our warehouse experts. We don’t just sell quality products – we are invested in them from beginning to end. That means that you can rest assured that the barricades you purchase from us are the best on the market… and created via a sustainable process right here in the US.

Ready for your temporary barricades to last? Contact us today!