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3 Benefits of Choosing Solar Barricade Lights

3 Benefits of Choosing Solar Barricade Lights

When you need a way to light up an airport or a construction project with safety lights, there is one clear option that stands out among the rest: solar barricade lights. Not only are they capable of successfully creating a beacon for the immediate area, but they come with several additional perks as well that you might want to consider the next time you buy lights for your barricades. Here are a few benefits of choosing solar-powered barricade lights.

Solar-Powered Reliability

While traditional batteries need semi-regular replacing, solar barricade lights have the added benefit of storing solar energy during the day to then be used all throughout the night. The solar-powered battery will last significantly longer than the average one, and it can be removed when not in use to further extend its longevity. Aside from a few minor ‘check-ups,’ the reliability offered with these lights is practically self-sustaining and requires little maintenance. This is also more environmentally friendly and in turn, proves more cost-effective over time.

Solar Barricade Lights Can Be Weather Resistant

A large appeal when it comes to solar barricade lights is the fact that they can be quite durable, particularly in regards to the weather. Our solar lights are highly resistant to dust and will not break down when on a construction site or during extremely windy conditions. They can also withstand most potential water damage caused by stormy weather, such as heavy rain and even snow. You need not worry about the temperature causing damage to these lights either, as they can continue operating within a wide range of temperature conditions, from negative five degrees Fahrenheit clear up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

When buying lights, look at their Ingress Protection rating which classifies and rates the degree of protection provided by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water. For example, our dual-mode hazard light is water and dust resistant to IP65 standards. This means it is dust tight, where no dust enters the light. To test this, a vacuum is applied for up to 8 hours based on the airflow. It also means water projected from a nozzle (0.25 in) from any direction won’t have any harmful effects. To test this, the lights are sprayed 1 minute per square meter for at least 3 minutes with 12.5 litres of water per minute at 4.4 psi from a distance of 9.8 feet.

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Solar Barricade Lights Provide Enhanced Visibility

Not only are barricade lights with solar capabilities great for enduring the elements of the weather, but they provide an increased amount of visibility in the process. They give off a strong light that is easily identifiable and can be toggled between a steady stream or a flashing mode. They are also visible through heavy mist and fog, rain, snow, and of course, in extreme darkness. They are set to turn on automatically when the amount of visible daylight falls below a certain point, so users can rest easy knowing that they will always do their job. This safety feature ensures that civilians and workers will be able to spot them without a problem.

Different types of lights also have different visibility areas. Our dual-mode hazard light has a nominal night range of 2 miles or 3.2 kilometers with a 360° horizontal output. This means it can be seen from two miles away from any angle. It also has four red LEDs with an effective intensity of 8 candela. Considering a common wax candle emits light with a luminous intensity of roughly one candela, eight times that can be pretty powerful.

Ready to Go Solar?

There are several benefits in regards to choosing solar barricade lights. Whether you are drawn to them for their durability, increased visibility, or self-sustaining solar lighting, they can cover nearly any situation you might run into. Use them at a construction site, use them at the airport; these lights are top-notch in the world of barricade lighting.

If you’re interested in utilizing the solar-powered functionality offered by these types of barricade lights, OTW Safety can provide you with some of the highest quality resources. Contact us today or give us a call at (801)-285-6483 to learn more.

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