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5 Types of Roadway Barriers for Construction Crews

Water filled LCD and fencing line for Big D Construction 3

Construction zones along roadsides can be dangerous places. At around 6 million car accidents in the U.S. per year, it’s easy to see why both construction crews and motorists require quality roadway barriers to both prevent and/or limit the impact of accidents. In this field, there are several different types of roadway barriers that construction workers may need to have on-site with them. Here, we’ll take a look at a few and explain the main differences associated with each OTW Safety model:

Front view of two connected OTW plastic barricades.

32″ Jersey Shape Barricade

The Jersey barricade is perhaps the most easily recognizable traffic/construction barrier. Though it has been enhanced over the years in certain ways (size, shape, portability) the basic design has remained the same for decades. This 32″ version is ideal for application in low-speed construction zones as well as temporary or semi-permanent security applications. It’s useful for both hazard identification and mitigating against impact, and like all the barriers on this list, it’s weatherproof.

Angled view of a single, orange 42-inch plastic barricade for traffic and construction work zones.

42″ Jersey Shape Barricade

Like the 32″ inch model, this classic design is most often used in low-speed construction zones as well. Since it is ten inches taller, it also weighs slightly more –– 78 lbs empty and 953 lbs when filled with water.

create an 8-foot barrier to entry with plastic jersey barricades and fence panels

42″ Jersey Shape LCD Barricade

LCD barricades –– longitudinal channeling devices –– are specialized for use in high-speed construction zones. This model is a variation on the classic Jersey barricade design, with altered features to match government safety standards. It meets both the MUTCD specification for an LCD as well as the NCHRP-350 TL-3 requirements for an LCD. In fact, it is the only 42″ TL-3 rated plastic LCD barricade on the market.

OTW32X45 LCD orange side by side

32″ LCD Barricade

This innovative LCD is unique because of its interior geometry that allows for a size decrease from the 42″ Jersey LCD without sacrificing function or strength. 32″ LCDs are smaller and lighter than many alternatives. Sometimes construction crews are required to use 42″ barriers based on safety regulations. When this isn’t the case, though, 32″ LCDs can prove to be a cheaper, smaller, lighter, and preferable alternative.

Front view of 90 degree connection between two OTW Safety Construction barricades.

24″ Low Profile Barricade

This specialty barricade is used most often to designate large airside construction zones at airports. It is designed for use in low-speed construction zones, parking lots, and, in some instances, federal highway construction zones. This model is portable, lightweight, and exceeds FAA compliance standards.

OTW Plastic Barricades

Choosing the right barricades for a roadside construction project is important. Obviously, the safety of motorists and workers is the number one priority. The good news is that OTW plastic barricades meet or exceed safety standards while also delivering a number of other advantages including:

  • Increased portability.
  • Lighter weight.
  • High-visibility colors –– orange and white. (We also offer custom colors on some designs.)
  • Ability to interlock to form continuous barriers.
  • Built-in receptors for steel fence panels, which offer protection from debris and privacy for workers.
  • Ability to accommodate additional hazard lights.

Still have a question about finding the right barricades for your next project? Then contact our team today. We’ll work with you to find a solution that suits your needs perfectly.