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3 Road Safety Barrier Options for Work Zones

OTW Safety Barricade Fence Downtown San Diego Construction Site 01

The use of road safety barriers around construction sites keeps both pedestrians and vehicles away from hazardous zones and work crews. Customers in cities across the nation have expressed their needs for effective channelizing within limited spaces, and OTW Safety’s water-filled road safety barriers are the perfect solution.

Our barriers are lightweight and easy to transport but are heavy-duty and durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions once placed on site. They are brightly colored and clearly defined, creating less confusion and difficulty for pedestrians and drivers navigating any work zone.

Here are 3 options for road safety barriers that can improve safety in work zones of all sizes.

OTW32x45 32 inch plastic jersey barricade for jobsites and construction near traffic


Our 32-inch LCD barricade takes the evolution of temporary plastic safety devices to the next level. These barricades are smaller and more lightweight than any previous models (though they can be ballasted to weigh up to 500 pounds). Their interior geometry allows for a significant size decrease while maintaining the function and impact strength of a larger barricade, at a fraction of the cost. This barricade features a large fill cap, drain cap, and two mounting points to accommodate traditional pancake-style lights.

plastic k-rail jersey barricade for work zones


This style of barricade has been approved for usage in high-speed construction zones, and can include an optional fence kit that provides a pedestrian deterrent, offers protection from projectile debris, and can support privacy screening. You can even get custom branded or colored privacy screens to make your company’s presence known around your project. Less confusing and more protective than other options such as concrete barriers or traffic cones, this larger barricade forms a clear line of delineation and acts as a wall for drivers.

Product shot of plastic road barricades


Available in two different sizes, this barricade provides customers with dependability for nearly every application. Like the jersey shaped barricades above, the jersey barrier is perfect for use in low-speed construction zones and is effective as a temporary or semi-permanent security measure. They are manufactured in approved OSHA orange (custom colors available with a minimum purchase) and can be customized with hazard lights or reflective sheeting.

In addition, to use in low-speed construction zones, this model has proven to be effective as a semi-permanent security measure in military bases and for hazard identification.

OTW safety full perimeter solution. temporary vehicle site gate.

Bonus: Vehicle and Pedestrian Gate Adapter

Add an additional sense of safety and security to any construction site with our vehicle and pedestrian gate adapter, which allows you to create custom security access points on any site. Temporary gates can be created in conjunction with our other barricades and can be installed seamlessly as the perfect way to boost safety on any job site. The gate has a base plate that slides under our barricades, utilizing an attached support pipe and clamp hinges to stay in place. When filled with water, the barricade will hold the gate securely and create full perimeter security for added safety and security on all construction sites.

Ready to Secure Your Work Zone?

OTW Safety has decades of experience designing and manufacturing plastic traffic barricades. Our traffic barricades are federally rated and accepted as high-speed work zone delineation devices. No matter what industry you’re in, we have a barricade to suit your needs.

Contact us today or call (801)-285-6461 to get a quote or see which traffic barricade system is right for your project!

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