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Pedestrian Barricades In and Around Work Zones

Pedestrian Barricades In and Around Work Zones

Our classic Billboard Barricade can usually be found in schools, on playing fields, at concerts and festivals, and more! But did you know that these versatile barricades can be used in construction work zones as well?

Deploy with no delay.

Because they’re so easy to deploy, setting up a work zone for a quick fix can be as simple as pulling up, grabbing a barricade (or four), and encircling the area that needs to be worked on. A larger perimeter could even be laid with ease, as one full pallet of pedestrian barricades fits in the flatbed of a pickup truck. Sectioning off a work zone this quickly can be a boon when an emergency fix is needed, or when something must be done with urgency in order to return the site to working order (i.e. a temporary work zone in the middle of a parking lot entrance).

Not only do pedestrian barricades work great for these types of fixes, but they are much easier to store than jersey barricades and metal fence panels (our choices for more robust work site requirements).

three pedestrian barricades used to keep heavy cement blocks from harming passersby
parking lot project using pedestrian barricades

Slow down for barricades.

Any time a barricade is spotted in the wild, you’ll generally find that the vehicles navigating around them (hopefully) tend to slow down. One of the best ways to indicate the need for slowing, besides the barricades themselves, is the color! Our pedestrian barriers come in a rainbow of colors, with the most popular for construction being red, yellow, and orange, as those specifically signal “slow down” to oncoming traffic. Whether instinct or learned behavior, this is highly beneficial to work zone safety everywhere.

While vehicle drivers might still have a long way to go in being aware of work zone safety overall, using highly visible barricades to indicate roadside construction sites and the need to slow down can help immensely.

Small work zones for small businesses.

It can be difficult for a small business when there is maintenance or construction needed in their space. Active construction on site can make maintaining regular business hours a chore and something that has to be worked around. To maintain business hours and the aesthetic of their brand, owners might choose to opt for something that blends in better than the classic bright orange jersey barricade. Choosing a pedestrian barrier can help ensure that the construction is partitioned off and their customers remain safe, even in the midst of an ongoing work zone!

Pedestrian barricades in blue closing off maintenance project in a parking area.

Quick turnaround for minor projects.

While a work site that involves heavy machinery requires a much more secure and sturdy type of perimeter, a pedestrian barricade can easily be used as a work zone barrier for minor projects. Constructing a full perimeter of jersey barricades and fence panels can be time-consuming, so securing the boundary of a very temporary work site with a less robust barricade can be helpful when time is of the essence.

In addition to a secure but moveable perimeter, billboard barricades are perfect for displaying project plans, sponsors, or contractors’ information on custom signage directly on the barricades themselves. This can aid in extra revenue for the project itself or the businesses working so hard to bring it to life!

Available for rent in Utah!

Whether the Logan Canyon, the Salt Lake Valley, the Moab area, or somewhere in between, OTW Safety’s Billboard Barricades are available for rent in the whole state of Utah!

Ready to get your small construction site squared away? Contact us today!