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Will An Orange Safety Fence Hold Up At Your Site?

Will An Orange Safety Fence Hold Up At Your Site

If you have ever been on a worksite, you are likely familiar with the orange safety fence that often surrounds the it, whether the fence is mesh or made of barricades. This safety fence is intended to act as a warning to those that might come near and prevent them from entering the work area, which could lead to potential injury or disruption. But how well do these fences really hold up? Are they capable of holding up after months of use? Can they take rain, wind, and snow? Here’s everything you need to know.

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How Durable is an Orange Safety Fence?

The durability of a safety fence will determine whether or not it can truly withstand the outside elements. When it comes to durability, mesh fences are not the toughest on the market and are the most susceptible to damage. While they can be deployed quickly and stored in minimal space, they can tear easily, exposing your construction site to unwanted visitors and prying eyes. There’s also no collision protection, privacy or security from mesh fences.

Plastic barricades that can form a safety fence are a much more durable option. Many of these barricades, like the ones at OTW Safety, are made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and are built to withstand weather conditions like rain, wind, and snow without succumbing to damage if cared for correctly. These barricades can be ballasted with sand or water to ensure they won’t go anywhere. Plus, unballasted, these options are light enough to move around and install quickly.

Better yet— you can combine plastic barricades with fence panels to receive benefits of both. Extra security and privacy from the fence panel plus the collision reduction and bright color of the barricade is a win-win! At OTW Safety, we can even customize mesh panels for your fencing to display your brand or match with your surroundings more seamlessly.

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Barricades Are Best

When it comes to keeping your crew safe for years to come, plastic barricades offer the best of durability, flexibility and value. Want to know more about safety fences, barricades, and possible purchasing options? Buy from the manufacturer and save! OTW Safety has just what you need at an affordable price. Contact us today or call (801)-251-7065 to learn more.

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