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OTW Safety’s New and Improved Barricade Fence Panel

OTW Safetys New and Improved Barricade Fence Panel

Times are tough for everyone; manufacturers, companies and customers alike have all fallen victim to the storm of delays and frustrating shortages that have stricken countless industries as of late.

At OTW Safety, we get it. We have, unfortunately, not been an exception to these piling issues. Supply chain disruptions have made it difficult to keep up with the rising demand for products that we offer. However, we have not let that stop us. While we have traditionally been a plastic manufacturer, we have taken a challenge head-on and are excited to announce that we have brought the complete manufacturing process of our Fence Panels 100% in house! With this comes plenty of innovative redesigns and improvements that will allow customers to more easily install them and yield better results in the process.

New and Improved Design

Thanks to our active dedication to innovation, our team has taken the opportunity to make improvements to the previous design that we think you will appreciate. Our new redesign has given the barricade fence panel increased durability, an upgraded finish and the ability to be installed much easier than before. These changes were made with our customers in mind. We want to provide quality fencing that is built to last, capable of withstanding years of wear and tear no matter the project; a product that is not only convenient to install but has the added factor of being uniquely customized for your needs.

When Might You Use a Barricade Fence Panel?

A barricade fence panel can be utilized in a variety of circumstances. They are most often used on construction sites that require an extra level of protection and privacy. These sites are generally those in the city that take place next to busy sidewalks, roads or freeways. Alternatively, they are seen at airports or airfields because of their reinforced barriers.

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Feature and Benefits

Our new barricade fence panel is more than just a wall. Made of galvanized steel pipes that can be easily installed, it comes with a slew of different features and benefits that, when properly employed, enhance the product tremendously. With changeable heights depending on the type of barricade it’s installed upon and the ability to equip mesh fabric, these fence panels add additional security and privacy to your site. It can be integrated with the OTW42x72 LCD, JSS-42×72, and JSS-32×72 barricades as well, giving you a range of options to choose from, plus the utility of gate adapters for both vehicles and workers, if you so choose to implement them. Other customization options include the ability to add custom-branded screens to promote certain events or draw attention to specific messaging.



  • Galvanized Steel


  • Width of panel: 70.5″
  • Height of panel (not including post supports): 62.5”
  • Height of post supports 63.5”
  • Height of posts: 50”
  • Stands 8’ 8.5” from the ground when installed on 42″
  • Stands 7’ 10.5” from the ground when installed on 32″

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Here at OTW Safety, our goal is to give our clients the highest-quality products we can offer with quick and efficient service. Even in these rough times of production shortages and supply chain disruptions, we want you to have access to the kinds of products that you need and expect out of us, and if that means bringing a little innovation to the table and manufacturing them ourselves, then that’s exactly what we are prepared to do.

Want to know more about all our products and services? We’re ready to tell you! Reach out to us or give us a call at (801) 363-7740 today!

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