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New AR3 Designed Specifically for GA Airports

img lg new ar 3 designed

Historically, general aviation (GA) airports have been exempt from Part 139 advisory circulars issued by the FAA, giving commercial airports a permit to land commercial carriers in return for compliance with these advisories. However, GA airports try to comply as much as possible, even with their much lower budgets and limited access to AIP grants.

The OTW AR10x96 barrier has been the industry standard compliant barricade for Part 139 airports for many years, but, due to its size it has been priced beyond the reach of many GA airports. In order to provide an FAA compliant barricade at a budget price, OTW Safety created the AR3 barricade. The AR3 features all of the requirements to meet the FAA A/C minimums, orange and white reflective sheeting on all sides, a 360 degree red flashing light, and a 20″x20″ flag, but comes at a much lower cost. It is the perfect solution for use around smaller aircraft.