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Protect Your Space With Our Metal Bicycle Barricades

OTW MetalCrowdControl 109 web

Here at OTW Safety, we always want to offer our customers the best of the best. So when we get a request for certain equipment, we make sure our products are top notch.

Yes, we talk a lot about our plastic billboard barricades, and we are proud of them, but we also speak to the value of versatility, adaptability, and meeting our clients’ needs. So, you asked for the highest quality metal barricades, and we are here to deliver with our metal bicycle barricades

What makes these barricades so great? 

  • Versatility. Available in both a classic style and our billboard style, you can customize your setup exactly how you need it. Add convenient signage to direct pedestrians, highlight sponsors, or simply add some flair.
  • Efficiency. With an easy hook and half-loop fastening system, you can quickly interlock your barricades together into a continuous line of protection. With a width of 8.5 feet, you’ll cover a lot more area than with other typical metal barricades. Plus, if you already have OTW’s plastic barricades, or choose to purchase some in the future, they are completely compatible with our metal models
  • Sturdiness. Our barricades are heavy duty and built with flat feet, so they can be bolted down if needed, and reduce tripping hazards (save those shins!).
  • Longevity. With a hot-dipped galvanized finish, these barricades resist rust and corrosion, giving them a much longer lifespan.

OTW’s metal bicycle barricades can be seen at events, construction sites and airports across the country. Our clients trust us to deliver products that meet or exceed safety standards and are of the highest quality, and our metal bicycle barricades are no exception. Because we are our own manufacturers, we can offer exceptional pricing. These barricades are 100% recyclable and made right here in the USA. Contact us and let us get you the solution you need.