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Meet the Vertical Panel

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Our gorgeous new vertical panels are game-changers in the construction and channelizing worlds. Need to designate specific areas or quickly divide traffic from your construction sites? The OTW vertical panel barricade is perfect for the job! It’s brand new on the scene at OTW… we hope you’re as ready to see it in action at your sites as we are.

Why choose the vertical panel?

A great alternative to the common traffic cone, our vertical panels take it up a notch when it comes to safety. Built to withstand the impact of cars and other motorized vehicles, these channelizing devices excel for use on the road, at construction sites, or anywhere you need to delineate different areas.

The 4-pound vertical panel itself is manufactured here in the US, and one of our overseas partners (Canada) creates the sturdy, 21”x18”, 20.5-pound post-consumer rubber bases.

Each individual piece is made with precision and care! The molded handle grip helps make certain that each panel is easy to manage, while the heavy-duty engineering ensures that they are perfect for use in any weather.

Overall, each vertical panel stands 42” tall and has a width of 12” inches at the base and 9” at the top. This shape and size ensures that each panel is distinguishable from its surroundings. The bright safety orange it comes in (with reflective sheeting) adds an even higher level of visibility.

Vertical panels in the snow surrounding bus

One of our favorite parts? Our vertical panel is approved on PennDOT Bulletin 15 and MASH tested. They’re also easy to deploy, stackable for easy storage, meet MUTCD Standards, and are NCHRP-350 Certified.

Ready to order your vertical panels? Give us a call or send us an email today!