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How to Select a Portable Barricade for Crowd Control Purposes

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There are many different types of portable barricades for crowd control available on the market today. With options made from steel, aluminum, wood, and plastic, the right choice may not be immediately obvious beyond narrowing to the two most popular — metal and plastic.

Of course, when it comes to the safety and security of the people who are attending your event, it is important to choose wisely. An effective barricade must be:

  • Portable.
  • Adaptable.
  • Strong.
  • Visible.

Not every option on the market checks all these boxes. So, here’s what to look for when selecting the best portable barricade for crowd control purposes:

True Portability

Sure, metal barricades are technically portable, but are they lightweight, easy to set up, store, and transport? Not exactly.

There are different crowd control needs for every venue, and even those can change throughout the event itself! So having true portability is paramount. At OTW, we manufacture barricades that are made of lightweight, high-density polyethylene. Not only are our products light enough to transport, but they also are designed to be folded and stacked together.

Total Adaptability

Not every event has identical crowd control requirements or delineations. The right portable barricade should provide adaptable features such as simple interlocking capabilities and feet that can conform to any surface (whether it is uneven, level, or even on stairs). Adaptable barriers should be able to be placed on sensitive surfaces or flooring without worry of damage.

Note also that some of the best quality plastic barricades come with adapters. This way, consumers can attach metal barriers to form an interlocking fence with newer, plastic models. In other words, you don’t have to buy replacements for every barricade you own all at once.

Maximum Strength, Stability and Durability

Over time, wood and metal barricades can weaken, split, or rust, making them ineffective or downright dangerous. Many plastic safety barriers are made from high density polyethylene (a very rigid plastic), which has a superior strength to weight ratio when compared to steel.

OTW plastic barriers can accommodate up to 3 gallons of ballast to provide additional stability in windy conditions. There are also built-in inserts to accommodate anchoring posts for even more stability.

Our high-density polyethylene plastic can withstand strong UV rays, high temperatures, and impact. They are designed to last a minimum of 8 years.

High Visibility

Your portable barricade –– as a matter of safety –– must be visible, particularly in low light or adverse weather conditions. Plastic construction barricades come in a range of color options (custom ones too) that stand out or conform to your own branding. To achieve the same visibility with metal, those barricades would have to be painted and maintained.

We go above and beyond other manufacturers in making it easy for you to showcase your brand, or the brand of a sponsor, on your barricades. You can provide us with your custom artwork or we can design a sign for you. We print all graphics on high-quality corrugated plastic (Coroplast®) or expanded PVC (Sintra®). Our expanded customer support services are available to assist you with branded barricades all year-round.  

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