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How to Get the Best Price for the Highest Quality Barricades

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High quality barricades are essential for ensuring safety measures are met for airports, construction, events, crowd control and security. At the same time, no one wants to pay more for a product or service than they should. However, balancing the budget while purchasing important safety equipment –– like barricades –– can sometimes prove difficult.

No matter where you’re looking for barricades, OTW Safety is committed to education above all else. This way you can make well-informed decisions on what you’re purchasing and who you’re purchasing from. So keep on reading and we’ll explain how you can get the best price on excellent barriers when you need them:

Do Your Homework

The lowest priced barricade on the market doesn’t always deliver the best value. Ask yourself why the price is so low— you want to make sure that a barricade is not cheaper due to the materials or durability. 


You don’t want to waste your funding on barriers made from materials that can’t withstand regular wear and tear. (Metal barriers, for example, can develop sharp edges over time and rust when exposed to the elements.) Otherwise, your organization will be forced to purchase barricades more frequently. 


It’s also important to buy the right barricades that are suited for your needs— construction companies, for instance, may require specialized LCDs if they’re working on a project near a high-traffic area. Doing your homework before purchasing can eliminate any potential mispurchases.

Go Straight to the Source

Any time you can cut out the middleman in a deal, you’ll be sure to reap savings benefits as a result. Business leaders should look to partner with companies that sell and manufacture their safety products (like OTW!). Going directly to the manufacturer, consumers can bypass costly mark-ups and secure fair deals on integral safety products. Plus, manufacturers also have an intimate knowledge of their products and can answer any questions or concerns you may have about your purchase. 


For example, at OTW Safety, we go to great lengths to ensure that every product we produce meets or even exceeds the highest safety standards in the field. Producing all of our barricades in the U.S., we can provide any details you need to know about safety standards on our products.


Look for Sales — or Ask About Discounts! 

Just as a consumer should look for sales on everyday items they purchase, so too can professionals seek out deals for high-quality safety products. Businesses that sell barricades usually run sales on a regular basis –– even on their most popular products. 


Also, sometimes business leaders can earn significant discounts on major purchases just by speaking to their sales representative. Here at OTW, we offer bulk discounts on certain large purchases, and we also give discounts for clients who are able to pre-pay for their order. Keep in mind also that it’s usually good practice to overestimate your need for a barricade order. It’s always better to have a few extra barricades than to not have enough to ensure the safety or organization of an event. 


So when shopping for your barricades, the key here is to simply call up your sales representative and discuss possible discounts before you place an order. Remember, it never hurts to ask! This can also be a great opportunity to get an idea of who you’re purchasing from. Any order from one barricade to thousands deserves the same attention and care. As a sales representative is a reflection on the company you’re looking to buy from, high quality care can be correlated to high quality products. 


Rent Carefully

Renting safety equipment can seem like an attractive option for business leaders who only need barricades for one-off events. However, they may not realize how effective and versatile barricades can be and how many “everyday” advantages they can provide. Renting may indeed make sense for some clients, but purchasing barricades outright will represent greater value more often than not, and is always worth exploring as an option.


Contact Us

At OTW Safety, we don’t just sell high-quality barriers, barricades, and safety equipment –– we manufacture them ourselves! We’re capable of fulfilling big orders, but we also have the flexibility and mentality of a small company, which is why we’re happy to work with our customers to ensure they can afford the products they need. No matter where you’re located, South Dakota to Texas or California to Virginia, we can help. If you’re looking to make a barricade purchase soon, but are worried about the price, contact us today and we’ll collaborate with you to find a solution.