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4 Common Parking Barriers Used in Lots & Structures

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A number of organizations may decide to use parking barriers at some time or another. Parking barriers can be employed for regular day-to-day measures, to direct traffic for special events, or even to keep motorists or pedestrians out of restricted areas, such as construction zones. Because parking barriers may be used in a variety of ways, it’s important to understand a little bit about them. Here, we’ll list a few common parking barriers and what users can expect from them:

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Billboard Barricades

The billboard barricade is one of the most adaptable models available on the market. Lightweight, portable, and easy to set up, these barricades are perfect for use indoors, outdoors, and in parking lots. Billboard barricades are also a popular choice for many schools. Unlike metal barricades, which can rust, fall over, or form jagged edges, plastic billboard barricades are safe, stable, and can create a continuous fence without causing any safety issues.

Billboard barricades boast one more feature that many users value: customization. Our billboard barricades come in multiple colors, and some organizations use these barricades to display their own logo or place advertisements from local sponsors. They can even be amended with signs to display directions and information in large parking lots for visitors.

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24” Low-Profile Barricade

Like the billboard barricade, low-profile barricades also serve a number of functions. In fact, these barricades have been used in airports, military bases, construction zones, and (naturally) parking lots. They are a superior alternative to products like traffic cones or delineator posts because they can’t be moved or driven around by motorists. They’re tall and heavy enough to form a secure border, but they’re also simple to set up and break down. What’s more, they can form a continuous line or be positioned individually depending on how much area needs to be blocked off –– think closed sections as well as individual spaces. These are some of the best barricades for separating walkways from driveways.

Plastic-to-Metal Barricade Adapter

Metal barricades are far from ideal for a bevy of reasons. Still, some schools or businesses may have purchased steel barricades in the past and may not be able to replace all of them at once. The good news is that a plastic-to-metal barricade adapter can allow organizations the ability to invest in better barricades now and gradually phase out old or outdated metal models. Plus, these adapters are built to last for eight years –– so users won’t have to rush their next purchase decision.

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Construction Barricades

Many construction barricades are designed for use along roadsides or high-traffic areas. Because of their high durability and safety standards, some of our clients may use these barricades in or near parking lots during a construction project. Some typical construction barricades include:

  • 32-inch LCD
  • 42-inch LCD
  • 32-inch Jersey Barricade
  • 42-inch Jersey Barricade

Our construction barricades are crash-tested and built for safety.

Contact the Pros

Not sure which barricade model is right for your school, business, or event? Then contact the pros at OTW to get started. We manufacture and sell multi-use, high-quality barricades and our team will be happy to discuss which barriers are best for your situation. You can also check out our FAQ page for more information about our products.