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3 Benefits of a Barrier Fence for Construction Projects

Water filled LCD and fencing line for Big D Construction 5

At OTW, we believe that safety products should serve multiple purposes. That’s why we design our barricades, LCDs, and crowd-control devices with versatility in mind. We want our customers to be able to use our products for a variety of reasons and in diverse situations. That same idea holds true for our steel barrier fence panel as well. Here, we’ll explain three key benefits construction companies gain when they incorporate barricade fences at their sites:

Added Safety

The bad news for construction companies is that accidents happen in work zones with some regularity. According to the CDC, around 773 people die in work zone crashes every year. As such, construction companies must do everything they can to ensure that their work zones are as safe and secure as possible. Barrier fences are a great complement to plastic barricades because they can limit damage by blocking debris from accidents. Also, since barrier fence panels are over 8 ft. tall when installed, they’ll prevent anyone from trying to scale a barrier and enter a potentially hazardous area. When it comes to roadside construction safety, it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

Traffic barricades with barrier fence panel

Increased Privacy

Not only do barricade fence panels prevent passersby from coming into work zones, but they also eliminate distractions that could affect construction crews. Fence panels can be covered with mesh so that construction crews get all the privacy they need to focus on the tasks at hand. Plus, these mesh coverings will also prevent any debris from escaping (or entering) the work zone itself.

water-filled LCD and fencing line for Big-D Construction

Branding Opportunities

In addition to ensuring the safety and privacy of their projects, construction companies can use fence panels to promote their brand. By adding their logo to heavy-duty scrim panels, businesses can gain important exposure and increase their brand visibility. The best part? When you partner with OTW, we can screen print your logo onto mesh coverings and cut them to size so that they fit onto the fence perfectly. You can check out some of our previous work with Big-D Construction here for reference.

barricade fence panel integrates with OTW construction barricades to create a secure perimeter

Important Facts About Barricade Fence Panels

On a broad scale, barricade fence panels can help construction companies promote safety, privacy, and their brand. Of course, we believe that our barricade fence panels are superior to those of our competitors. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Our fence panels are compatible with different styles of Jersey barricades –– including road-rated and general construction models.
  • Our fence panels are easy to install into the tops of our barricades.
  • We offer custom logo-branding on our fence panels and barricades.
  • Our fence panels are durable and can be used time and again.
  • Our fence panels are easy to break down and store.

We design all of our products with our customers in mind, which is why factors like portability and storage are so important to us.


At OTW Safety, we design, engineer, and manufacture the highest-quality safety barricades on the market, and we cater to a number of different industries. Contact us here to get started on your next project today.