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Looking at Barricades for Sale? Ask These 5 Questions Before You Buy

sporting event barricades at RSL Academy Herriman Utah

From airports to grade schools, construction sites to rock concerts, many organizations are looking at barricades for sale. With such a wide variety of uses, it can sometimes be difficult for business leaders to identify the best possible barricades for their situation. At OTW Safety, we always aim to take any confusion out of the buying process. Whether you contact us with specific requirements or contact us with an application in mind, we can point you in the right direction.

After helping thousands of clients each year, we put together this guide of frequently asked questions we hear and other questions we think you should ask when reviewing barricades for sale:

Are the Barricades Fit for Your Purpose? 

The first question any prospective buyer should ask about barricades is if they will be able to stand up to the task they’re being used for. For instance, a construction company that operates along roadsides will need barriers that pass certain government safety standards. There is little point in considering any barricades for sale that won’t meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

In addition, business leaders should look for barricades that are suited to their preferences. Note, there’s a big difference between a lightweight billboard barricade meant for crowd control and a heavy-duty 42” LCD designed for construction sites, both in their use and appearance. 

Are the Barricades Safe?

In many instances, professionals deploy barricades to ensure the safety of their employees, customers, visitors, and/or passersby. As mentioned above, barricades should meet crash-testing requirements for potentially hazardous areas like work zones. However, the barricades themselves should also be safe. The bad news here is that some barricades made from metal may develop jagged edges or even cause confusion when knocked over. A safer choice would be a plastic barricade which is not susceptible to the same wear, and doesn’t present additional safety issues.

How Adaptable Are They? 

Sometimes, an organization may only require one set of barricades for one specific purpose. More often, though, organizations can reuse and repurpose barricades in a number of ways. It’s a good idea to ask about the versatility of a set of barricades before you decide to pull the trigger. To follow up, consider asking these auxiliary questions when looking at barricades for sale:

  • Can the barricades connect together to form a solid line?
  • Are they suitable for use indoors and outdoors?
  • Can they be moved and rearranged quickly?
  • How heavy are they when empty?
  • Can they be ballasted with water? 
  • Can the barricades be customized by color? 
  • Can they be altered to include different messages or to display different logos or brand insignia? 

How Durable Are the Barricades? 

No one wants to invest in an unreliable product. Unfortunately, many business leaders find that they have to replace some or all of the barricades they purchase on a fairly regular basis. That’s why it’s important to inquire about the durability of barricades. Ask about how well they hold up to adverse weather conditions like rain, sleet, and snow. Knowing how many years you can expect a barrier purchase to last can also help you form budgets more effectively.  

Do They Represent Good Value?

In the end, a barricade purchase should generate meaningful value for an organization. To accurately measure value, consider all of the following factors: 

  • Barricade price. 
  • Shipping and installation costs. 
  • Storage costs. 
  • Durability.
  • Versatility. 
  • Overall effectiveness. 

Keeping these themes in mind will help you make an informed purchase decision when the time comes. 

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At OTW Safety, we specialize in designing, manufacturing and delivering plastic barriers. You’ll find a wide range of barricades for sale on our site that are incredibly safe, versatile, and durable. We’ve worked with businesses across a wide spectrum of industries and pride ourselves on exceptional customer service –– so let us answer any barrier-related questions you may have! Give us a call or contact us and we can help identify the best barricade for your project today. No matter where you’re located, New Mexico to Maine or Washington to Florida, we can help.