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otw barricades kia commercial robots loading groceries

OTW barriers are popping up all over! If you watch TV — and quite a few people do — you may have seen a Kia commercial that pitted two robots against each other in a hilarious grocery-loading competition. You also may have noticed, prominently displayed in the high-tech testing facility where the competition takes place, a line of UV-resistant High Density Polyethylene barriers.

While you may not have pulled all that information from a few seconds of coverage on TV, we did. After all, those are our babies — OTW 24″ Low Profile Barricades. These low profile barricades weigh just 35 pounds, empty — easy for just about anyone to pick up and place. Full of water, however, this barrier weighs 375 pounds — super-tough and ready for impact! Our patented interlocking pin design makes it easy to form a continuous barrier of any length. We consider our HDPE barriers to be the most versatile barriers in the business, and we’re excited to see them getting some well-deserved national exposure. Thanks, Kia!