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Why Buy? The Benefits of Buying Barricades vs Renting

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The party is starting soon!

Your next big event is quickly approaching and the need for crowd control is a given. Events bring crowds, and crowds need direction, right? You might start your planning by calling around for the best quote on renting barricades… but are roadblocked by potentially long wait times, heavy fees (and heavy barricades!), and availability. You could pursue this route… but what if there was another option?

This is where we come in! At OTW Safety, we are proud to offer the highest-quality HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) plastic barricades for purchase for all your crowd control needs. Guiding guests at your event can be a challenge, but OTW can make it easy. But why buy our premium plastic Billboard Barricades for your events instead of renting ones (most likely) made of steel? Let us tell you. 

It’s all in the details

When creating the perfect pedestrian barricade, we didn’t hold back (unlike the crowds who will be!).

  • They’re safe for handling but sturdy enough to withstand even the rowdiest crowds. Every set up and tear down will be a breeze and there’s no need to fear mercurial weather  – hot metal barricades will be a thing of the past! Smooth edges and a sleek, yet visible profile means that they ensure that your guests are safe from sharp corners and wandering the wrong way.

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  • Visibility begets safety. OTW crowd control barricades are made to be seen! Available in bright, beautiful colors, each barrier can’t be missed. Thus safeguarding your guests’ well-being. Not only are our barricades eye-catching and attractive (creating an aesthetically pleasing space), you can add customized advertisement signs made with your event in mind.
  • They’re built tough and for versatility. Our HDPE plastic barricades handle temperature and impact with ease, assuring your peace of mind through concerts, block parties, rallies, parades, and more! They have superior strength to weight ratio compared to steel and will last you years. Each barricade interlocks into the next, allowing for endless possibilities in the way you guide the people at your events. Create pathways, custom VIP areas, or defined restricted areas so that your guests know exactly where they should be.
  • They’ll save you money and time. Bring the crowd control to your doorstep! No more waiting on a rental company or driving long distances for pick-up – our competitive prices and quick continental shipping ensure your order arrives in plenty of time. Our plastic barricades are light in weight and incredibly easy to transport and set up, giving you time back on the clock for other details! Plus, if you add signs to the custom advertising space, you can create brand awareness and feature sponsors… and return your investment to you!
  • Storage is a dream. Each barricade nests flat thanks to their inward-swiveling feet – this means that they take up minimal floor space and transport easily! Effortlessly move your barricades via flatbed truck (they stack beautifully on pallets).
  • They’re sustainable. Purchasing barricades instead of renting means that your investment now allows the money to stay in your pocket in the future! Because our barricades are guaranteed to last you a minimum of eight years, you won’t need to spend your budget on crowd control year after year. Not only that, but HDPE plastic is one of the most easily recyclable plastics. This allows our plastic barricades to be turned into a plethora of durable goods after their time as a barricade is done.

Don’t take our word for it – see what USA Climbing had to say:

“This is the second year we have worked with OTW Safety to provide crowd control barricades for a large scale event and I’m hooked! If you need barricades, OTW is your place.

Their staff are incredible to work with. Super responsive and helpful! They make the process easy and efficient. This is a relief in the event planning world when you have 1,000 other moving pieces.

Their products, especially the billboard style barricades, are great. They arrive clean and in good condition, are very easy to deploy and set up, and provide a perfect branding opportunity.”

OTW Safety is an expert on all things safety. Crowd control is just one spoke on the wheel that we are passionate about. Our plastic Billboard Barricades can support events of any size at any time of the year – just request a quote or send us an email with your event needs and shipping address and we’ll calculate your cost and shipping timeline right away.

Let us help make your next event the best it can be – buy your plastic barricades today!