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3 School Construction Tips To Consider Before You Break Ground

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Building or remodeling a school is a massive project. There are many factors to consider when beginning the school construction process, as a school building should be created or remodeled with both safety and efficiency in mind. In order to ensure that any student gets the most out of their academic experience, it is important to create a building that considers all of their current and future needs.

If you are in the early stages of designing a building that is both safe and beneficial for all students and members of the school community, here are 3 school construction tips to consider before you break ground.

1. Account for Technology

When planning for school construction, keep in mind how quickly advances in classroom tools and technology become available and allow your design to reflect this. If tools like smart boards will be used in the classroom, be sure to design the space accordingly. This might mean creating classrooms with enough wall space to support major devices like smartboards or projectors, or hard-wired infrastructure that builds fiber-optic connectivity within the building.

2. Utilize Natural Lighting

Modern schools and other community spaces are opting to incorporate natural light into their design as much as possible. Harsh overhead lighting that has traditionally been used in schools and offices is shown to have negative effects on students’ and faculty members’ concentration and memory skills, as well as their overall mental health.

Natural light is functional as it can improve academic performance within the student body as well as incorporates modern and appealing design, so be sure to include plenty of windows in your building design.

3. Secure the Building

As construction on a school building proceeds, it is important to consider where entry and exit points will be located based on what security precautions you are able to utilize. Secure entryways and other high traffic areas could include safety barricades to add protection and security for students, teachers and community members alike.

OTW Safety barriers can help keep construction teams and pedestrians safe during the school construction process. Designed specifically for construction site security, our various barriers and other safety devices will provide full perimeter security for onsite safety.

Crowd control barriers, such as OTW Safety’s Billboard Barricades, can be integrated into a finished school building to help secure entryways and school perimeters, ensuring the safety of both students and faculty in high traffic areas or during procedures like morning drop off or end-of-the-day dismissal. These barriers can also serve as large, visual, directional tools to help keep traffic flowing smoothly which would come in handy at a variety of events on school grounds, not just during construction or day-to-day operations.

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