OTW Safety

Photo Contest Winners

Different colored OTW Safety barricades enclosing a construction zone in San Deigo

We’ve got a photo contest winner!

Thank You to Amber at Safe T Lite for this awesome photo of our Billboard Barricades at the San Diego dock. We love all the colors!

Stilt walker in second place

We also love this shot of a stilt walker at the Park Silly Sunday Market in Park City, UT. Our Billboard Barricades are on display in the background showcasing what’s on tap in the beer garden!

In third, the Arkansas Mile

It’s pretty cool to see our most popular traffic barricade, the 42″ Jersey Shape LCD, alongside this gorgeous race car. This year at the U.S. Mile’s Inaugural Arkansas Mile event, The M2K Motorsports’ 2006 Ford GT blew their record (previously 278 MPH) at a mind blowing 280.1 MPH. OTW barricades were used for crowd control and to define the staging area.

Shout out to the Food Truck Face-Off

This lovely panorama from the Food Truck Face-Off in Salt Lake City showcases just how well the Billboard Barricade organizes a big public space.

Thanks to our customers

We loved all your photos. Thank You for taking the time to send them in!