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OTW Safety Has a New Look

Website Redesign blog post header

For three decades, OTW Safety has been a prominent figure and leader in the safety industry. 

Our digital presence – particularly our website and, during the last two years, social media – has always played a significant role in how we operate. It serves as a bridge between us and our customers and provides a platform where we can showcase our services and new products.

Our website has served us well over the years, but, with our continual innovation and expansion, as well as the introduction of a greater variety of products and services, we realized that it needed to progress along with our growth.

At OTW Safety, our team is dedicated to investing a substantial amount of time and effort into ensuring our products and services are the best they can be. To best serve our customers, our website should be given the same level of care and attention to detail. Our primary motivation has always been our customers, who are the most integral part of our business. 

You deserve a website that is easy to use and navigate, loads quickly, and is visually appealing. Because without our customers, what would we be?

This made the decision to overhaul and redesign our website easy. 

Our objective was to create a site that would echo our growth and progress as a company, while simultaneously enhancing customers’ experience navigating it. We saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate that we are a forward-thinking company that values customer feedback and is dedicated to providing an optimal experience. 

We hope our statement is clear: we are committed to keeping up with the latest trends and technologies, listening attentively to our customers, and delivering the best possible experience with our company.

So what’s changed?

In short: a lot!

Our web pages are now loading faster, we’ve introduced additional browser aid tools, and our site’s accessibility has been and will continue to be improved. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s walk you through our favorite changes.

The feature we’re most excited about is the search bar!

Screen shot of search bar tool, searching: Hazard Light

Given our blog’s extensive history and our large product catalog, it seemed intuitive to include this feature. Somehow, we managed without it for years, but now we’re thrilled to offer a search bar that is conveniently located in the top right corner.

We are excited to announce another significant improvement to our website: its mobile-friendliness.

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, we understand that many of our customers are often on the move, accessing our site from their mobile devices. To accommodate this shift towards mobile browsing, we’ve invested substantial time and resources into making our site even more mobile-friendly.

Our team has worked tirelessly to optimize every aspect of our site, ensuring it scales and adapts to various screen sizes without compromising the user experience. Whether you’re browsing from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, you can expect the same level of functionality and convenience.

Team favorite: applications and resources!

Previously, the only way to access our applications, like go-kart track barricades or equestrian facility barricades, was to scroll down to the footer where the pages were linked. Now, they’re easily accessible from our home page.

Just scroll past product categories and the “trusted by” panel to find the Applications menu.

Our product applications showcase the diverse uses of plastic safety barricades. For example, you might initially seek traditional bike rack barricades for your event venue, but then discover our concert barrier application. This illustrates how our Billboard Barricades and Custom Signage can be utilized for event advertising or to generate additional revenue via sponsor logos. This section allows us to highlight our wide range of customers and their inventive uses for the same products. We are immensely proud to present these applications, both old and new, that we’ve seen over the past 30 years, in a contemporary and appealing manner.

Additionally, you can find all applications under “Resources”, which is located in our top menu.

Screenshot of resources portion of megamenu

Under Resources, you’ll find all product applications, blog posts, and other materials such as downloadable PDFs, like our “Cheat Sheet to Live Event Safety” and our extensive video gallery. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can use the filtering tool on our resources page or the search bar. If not, browsing is easy!

What’s changed visually?

With the exception of our trusted logo, the whole website looks brand new!Before and After Home Page and Menu

You might have noticed our new site’s deep blue color. We picked blue to help invoke a pleasant and calming browsing experience; many of our products might be bright orange… but our website doesn’t have to be! However, you’ll find our tried-and-true orange accents here and there, as a nod to the notable safety orange that all our barricades are available in.

Scroll down to our footer, and you might spot our clever barricade border. It replicates our original interlocking low-profile airport barricade, and we’re proud to have a representation of our very first barricade on every page. Thanks, 3MW (our website designer)!

While our website has changed, our dedication to safety stays the same.

No matter what changes our company might see, keeping you safe is always our top priority. 

You can see our dedication to safety through the years in our original resources and testing documentation, as well as our legacy blog posts, like “How did the jersey barrier get its name”.

And of course, our contact page connects you directly to an expert who is ready and willing to help you find the perfect safety solution for your application.

Have fun browsing!