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Five July 4th Safety Tips You Need to Know

Five July 4th Safety Tips You Need to Know

For many Americans, the upcoming Fourth of July holiday means a long weekend spent with family and friends, enjoying time outdoors, and of course: fireworks. A great firework show is one of the best parts of any Independence Day celebration, but if not done properly, serious injuries or other emergencies could ruin your fun.

While it is always best to leave the fireworks to the professionals and enjoy a firework show hosted within your community, some people choose to set off fireworks at home (in states where doing so is legal). If your state permits the use of fireworks, be sure to follow proper safety guidelines when setting them off at home. Remember: although fireworks are legal, they are not necessarily safe.

Here are a few simple but important tips for safely setting off fireworks this Fourth of July.

Keep Children Away

While this might sound obvious, it is easier for children to access and have a dangerous incident with fireworks than you might realize. Keep fireworks completely out of reach of all children, and keep children far from the area where fireworks are being ignited.

If you are allowing your children to use age appropriate fireworks such as sparklers, be sure you are nearby to supervise at all times. While sparklers are legal in all states and are a family-friendly staple at many Fourth of July celebrations, they burn at over 2,000 degrees fahrenheit, which is hot enough to cause serious or life threatening burns.

Handle With Care

When igniting fireworks, do not hold them in your hand or allow any part of your body to be held over them. Always wear proper protection such as eyewear, and sit fireworks on the ground before igniting followed by moving to a safe location as far as possible from the firework. Do not carry fireworks in your pocket, as the friction could accidentally ignite them.

Be Careful After Lighting

Once a firework has been lit, set the firework pieces aside to soak in water before being thrown away. Never let children pick up or play with pieces of an exploded firework, as there is a potential that they could still be ignited, causing an unexpected explosion. Do not light any duds or fireworks that were previously lit but did not explode.

Keep Water Handy

When setting off your own fireworks, always keep a large bucket of water or garden hose nearby in case of an emergency. Once fireworks have been ignited, soak them in a bucket of water before throwing them out to avoid a potential trash can fire.

Keep Pets Inside

While a massive firework show might be a great activity for your family to enjoy together, it will likely not be so enjoyable for your furry friends. The loud noises produced by fireworks can be scary for many pets, and can create a dangerous situation if you have a pet who would try to escape or harm others when under stress. During a firework show, keep your pets in a secure location inside your home.

Whether you’re hosting an event at your home or headed to a local firework show to let professionals handle the fun, we hope you have a fun and safe Fourth of July.

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