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Twenty Twenty-Two (2022) – A Year in Review

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OTW has been busy this year! While unpredictable for many – with ups, downs, and somewhere-in-betweens – OTW Safety has had a year full of incredible opportunities, learning experiences, and customers – old and new. Here’s a quick recap of some of the things we’re most proud of for 2022 (and don’t miss the video later on in this post!)!

We’ve been diversifying opportunities not only across state lines but countries as well.

In early 2022, the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, along with the World Trade Center Utah (WTC), spearheaded an exploratory trip to Mexico City & the Jalisco area of Mexico in order to participate in high-impact networking events and meetings with the Mexico City Secretary of Economic Development, the Consejo Coordinador Empresarial (CCE), the Mexican Foreign Trade Business Council (COMCE), INDEX Occidente, the Jalisco Tech Cluster, and more. Our very own CRO, Marina Pastrana Ríos, was invited to represent OTW Safety as a member of the Utah business delegation! This trip was an incredible opportunity for OTW, as we are in the same boat as many Utah businesses – those who are seeking to diversify sourcing and manufacturing outside of China as well as develop a new export market.

We have made great strides this year in creating connections and expanding both nationally and internationally. Not only are we seeking to ascertain new sourcing contacts, but we have become a supplier for many new (to us) airports and businesses. We provided airport barricades and hazard lights to airports across forty-three states and more than six international countries – OTW had the privilege of supplying airport barricades to airports in the UAE, Ireland, Serbia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, and more this year.

We gave back to the community and sponsored many incredible events.

We believe that being part of a community is about more than simply existing in one – we want to be bold in supporting local businesses and individuals, as well as doing all we can to walk alongside those in our locale. As an active part of the Salt Lake City community, we have made it a goal to be present and involved in events and charitable works in the markets we serve!

This year, we had the privilege of sponsoring the following events in Utah:

Over the summer, we sponsored our first out-of-state events: the Special Olympics Airlift in Orlando, FL, and Metcon Rush in Hagerstown, MD! We are honored to have been a part of each of these events, and we can’t wait to see what next year has in store!

Innovation remains an OTW virtue – we’re always looking for ways to improve!

You might ask, “why fix something if it isn’t broken!?”, but, at OTW, we aren’t satisfied with just “good enough”. We believe in consistently reevaluating, redeveloping, and bettering our products so that you receive the very best of the best in construction, pedestrian, and aviation safety products. We are proud to continue to improve and re-launch fan favorites, such as our Airport Hazard Light (AHL). This year, we made the AHL more efficient (specifically by updating the solar components) and we’re really pleased with the results – we hope you will be too!

Due to the global supply chain issues many industries are experiencing, we relocated the manufacturing of our barricade fence panels and now manufacture them all in-house! This gave us the opportunity not only to oversee their production personally but to redesign the panels for easier and more intuitive installation and shipping. We also had our teams working hard on research and development this year – they spent time developing new molds of our top-performing barricades and creating new products that will launch in 2023!

We grew by strides!

This year, we welcomed over 800 new customers and companies to the OTW family, which means that many new organizations now have the best products in the industry to help ensure safety in their sectors. Not only that, but we provided barricades for over 200 events across the US!

We also expanded our admin and warehouse teams in order to serve you better! With increased staff to fulfill immediate needs, you’ll see quicker turnaround times, same-day will call for local orders, and the same exceptional service that OTW is known for.

Our dedication to safety (and to our customers and partnerships) withstands the years.

We are honored each and every time someone chooses us to provide barricades and accessories for their safety needs. Every new year brings another opportunity to help educate on safety, build relationships, and contribute to the well-being and peace of mind of workers, business owners, and safety lovers everywhere.

Thanks for everything, 2022.

Here’s to you, 2023!

2022 Year in Review infographic

Top Content of 2022

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Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity trip to Mexico City & the Jalisco area, including OTW Safety CRO, Marina Pastrana Ríos.

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Low-Profile Barricades at the Special Olympics Airlift – the largest airlift in peacetime history.

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