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Yes Our CO1 Airfield Construction Warning Light is Made in China

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All of our barricades are manufactured in the United States but some of our accessories are manufactured abroad. There are a few reasons it’s necessary to outsource these parts to other countries, the primary being that there are no U.S. manufacturers of LED’s.

In order to make our airfield hazard lights in America we would still have to import the LED, then assemble it with the molded parts that compose the light.

The Federal Trade Commission uses an “all or virtually all” standard when determining whether a company can make a qualified “Made in the USA” claim. “All or virtually all” means:

  • All significant parts and processing that go into the product are of U.S. origin
  • The product contains no—or negligible—foreign content

Even if we had the light assembled here, or we molded the plastic shell here, we couldn’t claim the light was made in America.

Molding the plastic lens and battery base in America would add significant cost to the production process and our high quality hazard lights would no longer be competitive, especially when so many lower quality lights are available. Because all of the items we manufacture are sold on a low bid model, staying price competitive matters. 

OTW is one of the few independent manufacturers of plastic barricades and safety equipment in the U.S. and while we take pride in manufacturing at home, when we do have to look elsewhere for needed parts we put a lot of emphasis on achieving the highest quality. Our airfield hazard lights are water and dust resistant to an IP67 standard and can withstand a temperature range of -4°F to +149°F.