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What do barricades have to do with traffic control?

What do barricades have to do with traffic control

Benjamin Franklin once said, “nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and traffic.” Okay, maybe that wasn’t the exact quote, but in today’s world, traffic is unavoidable almost anywhere.

There are many instances where traffic can be slowed down; construction, motor accidents, and local events like concerts and festivals just to name a few. In these cases, traffic control barricades can help to mitigate further obstruction.

Let’s check out a few of these traffic barricades below.

Jersey Barricades

Our 42″ Longitudinal Traffic Devices, more commonly known as Jersey barricades are great for construction areas with traffic. This work zone barricade is a TL-3 model. It is made of lightweight but weather-resistant linear low-density polyethylene. It can be filled with water or sand to create a sturdier base. With a length 72” and maximum weight of 953 lb. when ballasted, this plastic jersey barrier is more versatile and safer than its concrete counterparts because it is deflective in traffic accidents.

Looking for something smaller? The LCD also comes in an effective, compact 32″ version. This model is the optimal choice for controlling foot traffic and can provide a clear divide between footpaths and construction areas. They can also help the flow of both motor and pedestrian traffic at local events, creating lanes and indicators for where customers can go, limiting confusion.

Traffic cones, caution tape, and staunches are easily moveable, but with a length of 46” and maximum weight of 500 lb., you can rest easy knowing that OTW traffic barricades are always right where you left them.

Orange k-rail barricades Used at UC San Diego

The Vertical Panel Barricade

While our Jersey barricades are great for both long and short term planning and events, our Vertical Panel Barricades come in handy for jobs that require a quicker response. Their sleek, stackable design allows for easy transport and swift setup.

The reflective decals and sturdy structure make them ideal for redirecting traffic around a construction site or to divert from a motor accident. They also have a molded-in top handle that allows for an LED flasher attachment, making them excellent indicators in high-traffic areas like fairs and festivals.

Worried about inclement weather? These panels have UV inhibitors to resist fading and hold their own in the winter. The safe and reliable choice for any job, they are NCHRP-350 Certified and meet MUTCD Standards.

Vertical panels in the snow surrounding bus

Billboard Barricade

Known commonly as crowd control barricades or bike rack barricades (due to their similar look), the OTW Safety Billboard Barricade is perfect for pedestrian traffic control, namely at concerts and sporting events. These are one of the most commonly used barricades across event and construction industries so we understand the need for versatility. So, OTW manufactures this barrier in an assortment of colors to match the theme of any event they are needed at.

We also provide customizable 28.5” x 36” PVC signage for any logos to adequately point customers in the proper direction of their destination. Guests can be fully immersed in the experience while also being mindful of the safety precautions put in place.

Most bike rack barricades are made of metal that can rust easily, but OTW’s model is designed from high density polyethylene. They are easy to transport but can also stand up the weight and heat commonly endured in heavily trafficked areas.

Working with drab, clunky, metal barriers doesn’t hold up to the benefits of the Billboard Barricade, which include interlocking to form seamless walls, built-in inserts for flags or further signage, movable feet to allow the barricade to stack completely flat, and a 58 lb. weight when ballasted for further sustainability when in use. Staff can cut set up times by a fraction and minimize injuries on the job.

Controlling Traffic the Right Way 

Knowing how to control traffic can sometimes be a challenging task, but with the right equipment and knowledge of how to use it, setting up events and projects can become that much easier.

Finding the best possible barrier for the types of traffic you’re dealing with can save time and money while controlling motor and pedestrian traffic. OTW is ready to help you with that. Browse our traffic barriers or request a quote today!