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At Over 70mph Wind Load, AR10x96 Maintains its Position

jet blast test lg

OTW Safety recently tested its airport runway products to the requirements outlined in Military Standard UFC 3-260-01 and Military Specification Engineering Technical Letter (ETL) 04-2 (Change 1). The test was conducted by Darko Technologies in Ogden, UT, using its recently completed wind tunnel.

Both low profile models, the AR10x96 and AR24x96 passed wind loading at the minimum requirement of 35 mph and were continually loaded to the max wind speed of the facility of over 70 mph and showed no movement.

According to Leo Stanko, Program Manager at OTW Safety, “These test results place OTW Safety far ahead of its competitors, with the AR10x96 and AR24x96 barricades being the only products on the market with proven resistance to jet blast and prop wash.”

Our customers can rest assured that the runway barricades manufactured by OTW Safety will not move under jet blast or prop wash conditions. With OTW’s FOD free design, customers can be assured of safe use of these products for years to come. OTW plans additional wind testing of its FOD free flags and other airport specific items.

According to OTW Customer Rick Lafferty of Westcoast Sales and Marketing, “This is the kind of professionalism and follow through we have come to expect from OTW Safety. We sell OTW products because we know they are designed and tested to the highest level of performance and safety.”