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How to Prevent Motorists from Traveling Between Delineators or Drums

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We have been discussing this issue for years. Motorists will travel into a work zone, between drums or delineators for various reasons. There is more and more evidence of this, and it’s documented in the following video:

Preventing Motorists Driving Between Drums in a Work Zone

This is a public safety issue, and a serious work zone issue. In the video, the traffic control supervisor, while holding a copy of the MUTCD, decided to place type III barricades in the work zone to prevent vehicles from traveling in the work zone. A novel approach, but one that is risky in our opinion. According to the MUTCD, a type III traffic barricade is meant to be used for road closures, but in this instance, it is being used in an offensive manner, where a vehicle impacting this device will be damaged, the drive or passenger injured or killed. As we have been saying for many years, in a work zone plagued with drivers entering the work zone, an LCD is the safe method to stop this dangerous maneuver.

LCD’s provide clear longitudinal guidance and prevent vehicle intrusions.