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Custom Construction Signs

OTW Safety Traffic Barricades on Roadway Separating Pedestrian Walkways

The ability to display custom construction signs is one of the features that makes the Billboard Barricade truly unique. Threaded bolt receptors are molded directly into the barricade so installation is easy and doesn’t require any extra tools. Signs arrive in custom cardboard packaging with bolts and washers included. Simply place your sign, add a washer, and screw the bolt into place. Voila!

The built-in display space can serve in a variety of ways, for example when custom messaging is needed around a construction site. At this site, Infinity Builders chose our safety orange pedestrian barricades for high visibility and added custom signs to present an official message. Even a small temporary construction site can benefit from using Billboard Barricades and informational signs (we can also print full color high-resolution graphics for the same price).

Construction Safety Signs

With these barricades in place it’s clear that safety is a high priority. There is very little chance of someone accidentally walking through the work site and getting injured (they would have to jump a fence!). Plus facility managers and users of the building can proceed with confidence, knowing the site is under control. A few cones around a work site just don’t make the same impression or have the same practical effect.

A small site like this is easy to enclose and once work is finished, the construction safety signs can simply be removed and used again and the barricades will stack flat for easy transport to storage or the next job site.

Steel vs. Plastic Construction Barricades

For temporary enclosures, the Billboard Barricade is a clear winner over traditional steel barricades, which present a physical barrier but are often difficult to set up and transport. With steel barricades there is an option to purchase custom fabric covers but they can be a pain to keep in place and may cost more than the barricade they’re covering.

Metal barricades can even cause serious injuries, so if you’re concerned about safety on the work site, opt for plastic construction barricades instead.

Use OTW For Your Construction Signs

If you have a job that could benefit from a more substantial, secure perimeter, give the Billboard Barricade a try and use our custom signs for informational messaging or branding.